Bits ‘n Bobs and Odds ‘n Ends.

Ponty building and Jacaranda.

The stray named Number 7. He turns up every day for food and occasionally stays the night.


Yes we have (no) bananas….

Collared Dove popped by for some lunch this afternoon.


White Bellied Sunbird.

Air Plant. We have lived here for 16 years and this is only the second time I have witnessed these plants bloom. Once they have finished flowering the adult plant will die.

Having a swim on a warm Spring afternoon.

Dancing With Dolphins. For Brian over at Equinoxio.Β 


17 thoughts on “Bits ‘n Bobs and Odds ‘n Ends.

  1. Hah! You found the picture of Dancing with dolphins! πŸ™‚
    I wasn’t sure the sculpture was that old…
    Good pix. I see you run an AirBN’B for cats?
    And jacarandas now? Funny, ours don’t start until February-March.
    But then you are beginning spring, right?
    Bon week-end Ark.

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  2. Love the Jacaranda. Very pretty.

    I’m still jealous of your large pool/pond. I’m in the planning/designing stages of expanding my koi pond. It’ll probably be a couple of years before I actually get to do it though. I’ll have to temporarily house my fish in a new location (probably a small swimming pool) while I dig it out by hand. I’m not quite prepared to do that yet. But when I’m done, it’ll add a few thousand gallons of space for them to swim. It just takes a lot of time, energy and money so when I have a bit more of each of those, I’ll get it going. πŸ™‚ A new, bigger liner and a new, bigger filtration system aren’t cheap. But since the pond area of my property is one of our favorite places to sit and relax, it’ll be time, energy and money well spent.

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    1. Did the ”’Digging-it-all-by-hand-thing”, and that was only 4000 litres.

      NEVER again, I assure you.
      If it isn’t perfect the first time, it will become a nightmare.

      I would also not go for a pond liner, but rather concrete and bottom drains.
      It really is an investment that could last you a lifetime – you know how old Koi can live to of course – so I’d get professional advice and go the whole hog.

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      1. I dug the one I have now, about a thousand gallons. It took a very long time, tilling the soil til it was soft and then shoveling it all out. I have a Firestone rubber liner (supposedly good quality). It’s supposed to last indefinitely but with fish that also last indefinitely, who knows for sure. Haven’t really looked into other options yet but I have a couple of years to figure it all out.

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    2. Oh, and when you get around to installing the pumps – get a solar powered pump.
      I’ll have to upgrade my filter system in the not too distant future and with the cost of electricity (running the pump 24/7) solar power is the way to go.

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