Friday: Bits & Bobs and Odds & Ends

Photographed this Acraea Butterfly this morning. The shrub is just outside the back door and when in bloom – as it is now – the fragrance is magnificent. I have no idea what the shrub is, so don’t ask.


Panorama – Jacarandas are also in bloom. This is looking South across the Valley from our spot.


Cape Dwarf Gecko

Cute as a …. Brown Button Spider found on the lip of an upturned plant pot.

Dinosaurs on the prowl.

Lavender Cuttings – if enough take they’ll probably be the beginnings of a new hedge. However, based on past track record, I suspect I’ll have to plant a few more.

Not the only one to have given up smoking!

The opposite ridge, way on the other side of the valley.


The iridescent plumage of the Glossy Starling.









    • The Brown Button is only a youngster by the look of it. Not a species to muck about with incautiously as they are one of two or three medically significant spiders in South Africa.
      You would know the species as the Widow.

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