9 thoughts on “Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World – In A Nutshell — Dead Wild Roses

  1. what I love is when the ‘unable to play” warning comes on, and most of it puts the blame on the viewer. They do everything but suggest that you make sure the computer is plugged in. So I watch a bit of a Dirty Harry movie until the tension took over..

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  2. Man, Ark… you are going to piss-off a LOT of Texas ranchers! 😆👍 And btw, the vast majority of Texas ranchers are ultra-Republicans. I’ve pissed off many over the last couple of decades. LOL

    The science, stats, and facts are indisputable. Along with the current climate crisis, humanity as a whole MUST modify and overhaul our food industries AND our consumer habits. HAH! That should be super easy, huh? National Geographic Magazine did an 8-month series on this coming problem of wastefulness and excessiveness. Americans are certainly to blame the most! For how many years running are we the most OBESE nation in the world?

    Like it or not, serious major changes must happen to our lifestyle habits if we are to help this planet — oh btw, the ONLY PLANET we have within several million light-years! — continue to sustain our children, grandchildren, and descendants. It’s WAY PAST TIME to start accepting the scientific facts, using the science, and making this violent fragile planet our Mother again, not our enemy.

    Great video Ark. 🙂

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