26 thoughts on “It’s A Dog’s Life

      1. This is the kind of relationships that are possible if you get to know them, versus just eating them. Animals have been labeled as soulless food by the right, yet never took the time to observe their true intelligence. From the chicken to the cricket, all the way to whales, these are more than food that deserve to enjoy life.


      1. Ah that other lovable labrador trait – bottomless greed. I used to put all my food into ours as it was more interesting than eating it. But I take your point about hearing the dog’s name more often. However, knowing ‘mummy’, I’m thinking that she would have introduced herself at every turn.

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  1. Looks like my dog, Molly. Except Molly has a brown nose (part Australian Shepherd). And also I think Molly would have made a mess of those chickens. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Neither of our dogs or the cats – including the two non residents that regularly pop by for a visit and a free nosh, have shown any inclination to harm the hens in any way.
      In fact, I saw one of the hens go after one of the cats the other day!

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      1. Birds can be vicious at times. I remember some geese we had back when I was a kid that would chase us all over, even biting my brother pretty badly one time. My parents gave them to our neighbors who had some nice roast goose dinners. If you bite, you get bit back I guess.

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        1. All the animals we’ve ever had have seemed ‘chilled’.
          Waifs and strays and passer-by.
          We’ve never had to deal with any aggressive behaviour that I can recall.

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          1. Yes but … have you ever had any geese? They are most definitely known for their aggressiveness. Many a youngster (and even some adults) have been set a-runnin’ from these nasty birds.

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          2. No. Never had Geese at our spot, and please don’t give Ems any ideas. She and my missus already gang up on me when it comes to ”wildlife”.

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