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Catherine and Val.

After having completed building his nest the Southern Masked Weaver flies to a nearby branch and begins calling for a mate, making an energetic display of singing and fluttering his wings. ”Have sex with Me,Me, Me!!
So far,no female has shown any interest in this bloke, and female weavers are very choosy!
Often, after a cursory inspection of his handiwork, she will very likely reject it, and immediately pick it to pieces in a matter of minutes, leaving the male, who is looking on, nonplussed, and now faced with the task of building another.
Male Weavers usually build numerous nests, probably in anticipation of this outcome.

We’ve had such an abundant crop this year I have been juicing bag after bag of lemons and freezing it. We use quite a lot of lemon juice in the baking.

Hiding behind the shed, these old metal chairs and table came with the property. I keep meaning to give them a coat of  rust proof and a white gloss but every time they see me with a paint brush they sneak off and hide somewhere. It obviously causes a lot of distress so I promised them I would leave them as they are until they decided they want a new coat of paint.

Not of Texas …


Young Glossy Starling.

Cape Robinchat perches on the back wall after being chased from its perch in one of the lemon trees by a Fiscal Flycatcher.  Some birds are very territorial.

Bobbi and her squeaky bath duck.



13 thoughts on “Catherine,Birds,Bobbi & bits and bobs

  1. Years ago here in NZ we had a spray ‘undercoat/primer’ called K16. The expounded theory was that the zinc in it bonded with the rust to produce a sort of rustproof base metal. Haven’t seen it in years but there may be a new version?


  2. Adorabelle is the softest looking cat I’ve ever seen. She looks like brushed mohair feels.

    We have something in this country called Rustoleum, I suspect it’s the same stuff Argus mentioned, it’s an undercoater, primer, and works on almost anything.

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