Incy Wincy – for Notes to Ponder




Tetragnatha sp. (Tetragnathidae)

Long Jawed Orb Weavers.

These guys hang out around the edges of the pond stringing web from the pool edge to the reeds.


If you’d like to see what else they can do with their webs, have a look at Notes post!  Truly spectacular.



10 thoughts on “Incy Wincy – for Notes to Ponder

  1. One way to keep folks off the beach, for sure. I’ve never seen anything quite that menacing around here, and trust me, if I had, it would be an outdoor event.

    I am coming to terms with our latest house spider, who seems more intent on dinner and having a nice web over the kitchen window, and that’s cool with me.

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    1. These spiders are not that big, but as they seem mostly all legs – in the same vein as Daddy Long Legs – I can understand people’s apprehension. And they are completely harmless to humans.

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  2. it’s the skittery part, as much as anything, isn’t it. I’d as soon (not) have a spider on me as an earwig. If they’d just sit there, but nooooo let’s race up the sleeve, yep, or the pant leg, oh, isn’t this FUN…

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  3. Daddy Long Legs don’t bother me at all. These look creepy though. The speed of the spider is what bothers me the most. Ben likes to catch spiders and tease me with them. He’s terrible! I can appreciate the beauty of the webs, walking through one accidentally isn’t fun though.


  4. Thanks for the photos – mesmerizing as always and astonishingly beautiful. “Stretch spiders” indeed! Your garden is a magical place, would love to spend an afternoon at the pond watching them. Big hug 🙂


    1. My pleasure. They have not been one of my ”Go To” arachnids when it comes to the proverbial photo shoot, and to date they have never displayed the type of behaviour featured on your post. However, your prompt might just drive me to the pond a bit more often to see what I can see, so to speak.
      Summer is on the way, and these spiders will soon be all over the place.
      Watch this space.


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