Incy Wincy – And we both jumped!

Jumping Spider.


Okay, I admit it – I jumped when this little one bungee jumped and landed on my forehead then ran up its thread onto my scalp as I walked between two of the lemon trees this afternoon, but solely because I felt him rather than saw him, and having been bitten on a few occasions by sac spiders I am wary of Arachnids-Unseen.


Anyway, after my ”moment” I had a laugh to myself then held my arm close to the Bitter Orange tree and he jumped onto a leaf and scurried away to hide.



2 thoughts on “Incy Wincy – And we both jumped!

  1. Too funny. The other day a exuberant spider dropped from the bedroom ceiling to my cheek. What’s your hurry spider, pace yourself! Even as I swept it off my cheek the little keener spun a web strand so fast it was all I could do to raise my arm high and race dangling spider to the front door. 🙂

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