Odds n’ Ends and Bits n’ Bobs

Life With Chickens.

Some Four Pla(n)e

Django and Terry Pratchett.

”I will, I promise. Just let me finish my snooze, okay?”

Bobbi had to pop in for lunch so Max offered to act as a ”Stand-In” for a few minutes.

”Okay,I’m back. Thanks.”

Feeling Blue.

Glossy Starling.

End of the Day.



Champion’s League in an hour!  Catch you later.

14 thoughts on “Odds n’ Ends and Bits n’ Bobs

      1. Good heavens! Are you a flightless bird, long beak and full of sh— too? I didn’t know dat. But I have often pondered the similarity in towers. I guess there’s only so-many ways you can design a needle to the sky …

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  1. your lavender looks wonderful. What is going ON in the picture below it? It looks like a large bee taking it on the chin from two smaller critters…

    I’ve also wondered what that tower is for…

    Love the dogs. And the chicken.


    1. This is a pink flower crab spider that had just caught a Honey Bee.
      The smaller ”critter” is a jackal fly that is attracted to the kill. They only seem to turn up when the spider takes a honey bee and scientists reckon the bee gives out some sort of pheromone-type distress signal.
      I have plenty of shots of crab spiders taking all sorts of prey but the Jackal Fly is only present on the shots featuring the honey bee.

      The Hillbrow Tower, as it is known, was constructed for Telkom.



    1. Fan of spiders, not—me neither. Outside where they belong (so long as no bumble bees are involved) it’s ‘Pass, friend.’

      Inside if there’s no matchbox handy (we keep a couple especially for spiders) it’s “Hi spider!” — SQUELCH

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