18 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake! The Ark …. at the Ark’s : Pink #16

  1. Such talent and imagination. Most people couldn’t do that with normal tools and stuff, she does it with food. Amazing. Hugs

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  2. That’s soooo cute. Almost as cute as celebrating the rest of humanity, their babies and toddlers with them, drowning in a story about a psychotic God who isn’t getting enough appreciation.
    Wait… That’s not cute at all. But this cake is. Thx

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  3. Not to downgrade the talent behind this at all (!) … but the subject matter? This isn’t too far off what some people actually visualize.

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  4. Wow that’s an amazing cake! It’s also lovely seeing all the animals happily there in unison, not trying to eat each other. Although if this were realistic, I’m not sure how many clients you would get. But who knows? there could be a niche for that somewhere.

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  5. True, a beautiful work …

    (Now why do those cute little elephants look as if they are sighting ready to repel boarders? Brrrr …)

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  6. No mention made anywhere (anywhere I’m aware of) about all the flies, mosquitos, leeches, hornets, and little coloured things with many legs that go squelch when you step on them — was Noah a bit picky, do we think? And if so … how did they all evade the universal flood?

    But I do still adore that cake~! Boom boom!

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