Incy Wincy – A brand new Bert!


After an absence of nigh on twelve months, a call to come to the garden shed and ”Bring the camera!” had me scurrying Toot Sweet from my office this evening.

The  dry weather, and what I can only imagine to have been some rather heavy predation from Pompilid wasps, the Rain Spiders have been more scarce than hen’s teeth. And having five hens I can vouch for this!

Seeing this youngster had me smiling from ear to ear. A real treat to have one back again. I can only hope that the upcoming seasonal rains will see a few more grace us with their presence.

This may be a male from the size of his pedipalps – but this is not certain – ( would be nice if it turns out to be female) and as handsome and healthy an arachnid you are likely to see.

He has already undergone at least one  moult, as you can see from the old skin I found on the floor of the shed.





23 thoughts on “Incy Wincy – A brand new Bert!

  1. I can appreciate spiders, I can admire them from a pleasant distance, if only they didn’t ‘skitter’ so…and having had a serious spider bite infection at one point, I tend to admire them from further away than I used to.

    Nice spider. Niiiice spider.

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    1. I’ve been bitten a couple of times by (what I believe to be ) a Sac Spider.
      They are not considered of medical significance these days, but it wasn’t pleasant all the same.

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      1. @ Ark. I had a test to day on my heart where they had to inject me with radioactive isotopes. Thinking of your spider posts I asked the nurse if I would suddenly develop spider powers. The nurse was not a spider man fan as she looked at me like she should call security. Oh well, I gave it a try. 😜😄😁😃😉 Hugs


  2. Ark I was going to say something about your version of “…as handsome and healthy an arachnid you are likely to see”, but decided instead to tell you how you have gotten me to adjust a bit about these fiends of 8 legs. The other day I got into the shower and only after I had closed the door and gotten wet did I notice the small black spec on the far end of the shower wall. With out my glasses I couldn’t be sure but I suspected it was a covert assassin spider trying to sneak up on me when I was vulnerable. However rather than grab a shampoo bottle and smash it as hard as I could on the black blur I decided I would just move as far away as possible and ignore it. Worked well as long as I could keep a water soaked eye on the ferocious beast. However having to close my eyes to wash my hair things changed rapidly. When I opened my eyes the spot was gone and a rapid search of the now very small seeming shower did not show it. A second after that found me soapy and dripping on the outside of the shower holding the prayer in my hand like a spear and the next five minutes or so found me rinsing off every inch of that shower enclosure in great detail. I never found the master of disguise as these hiding spiders are. However as I again entered the shower to finish what I had started before the unwanted interruption I was thinking ” So much for Ark’s wanting to get along with these demon terrors from an unknown hell”. 😃😄😜😎 Hugs

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    1. LOL.

      I’m not a big fan of spiders. But I usually let them be — including in the shower.

      That spider was probably as scared of you and of that splashing water, as you were of it.

      In any case, I try to let the spiders be, because they help keep insects under control.

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    1. He’s only a baby. I’m hoping if he/she can avoid the attentions of any resident Pompilid wasps we might end up with babies this summer.
      Bazillions of Little Berts!
      Just imagine.

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  3. I am also a spider fan and you have some great photos. I just wish that my spiders would stay outside or in the garden shed and not seek a winter home in my appartment

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  4. some years back I had a resident lady spider sandwiched between the two panes of winter glass. She seemed quite content there, molting and webbing, and now and then in the winter I’d send her a few live flies to play with. She survived, incredibly, about four winters, and then one day I found her hanging by one delicate leg, at the bottom of her last web.
    I felt like a character in Charlotte’s Web.

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