13: There be Pink Dragons!


It isn’t quite Dragonfly season here in Johannesburg so I raided my Ark-ives and found a photo I have posted before, but worth a second showing.

This is an Orange Winged Dropwing – and the focus is on the wings – alighting on a bamboo cane next to the pond. The sunlight caught part of the wing in such a way as to render it pink, so I reckon it qualifies for the challenge.


In the Pink #13 –  Squares In September.

Thanks to BeckyB for the challenge.

Details are on her site. Go visit and see some smashing interpretations.

16 thoughts on “13: There be Pink Dragons!

    1. In the absence of Superglue, I was obliged to approach the Dragonfly very carefully.
      They tend to return to the same perch several times to cool themselves, so if one is patient and prepared to hang around a bit they might just return and are generally unperturbed by me and my camera.

      The lens is a standard 55mm ”kit lens” – set on macro.

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  1. oh this one certainly deserves a second showing. What an extraordinary photograph

    And thank goodness I have found it. WordPress decided to hide 85 pingbacks. Only just discovered them, but at least i have discovered them.

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