#6. Absolutely Shocking!




Two examples of  Ems creativity.



In the Pink  –  #6: Squares In September.

Thanks to BeckyB for the challenge.

Details are on her site. Go visit and see some smashing interpretations.


29 thoughts on “#6. Absolutely Shocking!

    1. An ever popular colour with little girls, it seems. Or their parents, at any rate.
      You’ll know ,of course, that blue was once the colour for girls, though I can’t remember when this changed?.

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      1. Seem to think pink was popular with chaps in the C18th. Btw thanks for saying my Traces of the Past post was cheering. As you say – a lot of dreadful news otherwise. It’s occurred to me lately that everything, no matter how important is reduced to factional storylines. And now we can’t tell the difference between story and reality. Everyone’s creating ‘narratives’ and tweeting them like idiots. One very clunky storyline put out by our good old government presently is the Salisbury poisoning/Skripal novichok yarn. It’s like the outline for a very bad soap opera that goes on and on. As the Russians say of themselves – we’re really not that stupid.

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        1. Well, I’ve said before I hardly ever read news, and usually only when I stumble across it. I certainly don’t watch it.
          Even Sports ”News” has gotten way too daft these days.
          As much as I love the internet and my laptop one can so easily get sucked in with all the rubbish.
          I don’t tweet and in fact I don’t even own a cellphone anymore.
          Bit of sunshine and some fresh air, cup of coffee and a good book – even one of my own stories will do!
          Good company and some nice music – Carol King and Tapestry this morning -and that’ll do for me.

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          1. everything here is about Trump. I cannot bear to even look at his fat face. Scroll, scroll.
            Last night (my husband is a fan, heaven help us all) there was some kind of heated debate at Fox (I refuse to refer to it as news) where the amount of invective directed toward the Democrats was stunning. I really thought I was listening to Mel and Company, ripping into everyone, including John McCain.

            I have earplugs. I wear them a LOT.

            My husband bought me a smart phone for my birthday last year, and I think I got my hands on it once or twice, and a few months ago he asked me why I didn’t use it. Hard to get familiar with a bicycle is someone is constantly showing you how to ride, but never lets you near it.

            But Im like you. No facebook, I refuse to use anything that ‘twitters” or “tweets”, not even a laptop. We have a TV but it’s downstairs and not plugged in, and requires two remotes and three instruction manuals. It makes the computer look like a child’s toy.

            No music here, but later I’ll exercise my prerogratives and go stack wood

            Those cakes, by the way, are stunning.

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          2. I can’t begin to imagine how you two deal with the issue of Trump.
            From an outsider’s perspective – me at any rate – he comes across as another George W but equipped with updated Liar, Liar software and some sort of mandate to put something in the water that makes some people go doolally.

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          3. You would laugh if you saw what happens here.
            When it’s time to go out for stock and after all the discussions about lists and reminders and what have you have been finalized and we are out the door, chances are that we won’t have reached the end of the driveway before the phone rings ….
            ”Oh, and don’t forget …”

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          4. True, but I suppose people were saying something similar when kids were listening to Tony Blackburn on Radio One in the morning while their parents/grandparents still remembered the ”wireless” … or so I’ve heard.

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          5. To paraphrase Pratchett, ”…. and you always got change from a sixpence.”

            Yes, as kids we wandered far and wide, often with n’er a care in the world … tra la la. Tea was a 5:30 or 6:00 and God help you if you were late!
            But didn’t you ever wish you had a wrist communicator watch to call home and say you were spending the evening at Jane’s house or something?

            We better be careful where this going.
            Someone is going to join in and say they remember seeing Spitfire’s and Lancasters flying off towards Dover.

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          6. You sound more like me than I do … are you sure you aren’t me?

            But I do have a cellphone—I use it for texting The Spouse when we’re in town, other times it makes a damn fine paperweight. And TP with coffeeeeeeeee …

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          7. I suppose if I went out more on my tod I would need/want one.
            It was a vital component when we had our real estate business.
            The crew each have bang up to the moment cellphones as texting and Whatsapp are how the world works, apparently.
            ”Why don’t you just phone her?” (the client)
            ”Easier to text and we have a record and confirmation of the order.”
            Good sense , I suppose. Clients can be finicky at times over what they think they have ordered. All in the details.
            However, my cellphoneless days are numbered. I have been informed that I ”… will have a cellphone when the contract upgrade is due and don’t you dare argue about it and you will learn how to operate it …..”

            I will admit that, like you, they are ideal when one wants to find out where the Spouse has wandered off to while you were lost in thought staring at the books on display, or something similar.

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  1. We handle the politics now the way we handled baby Bush, which ranked in my opinion as Mr. Clueless, in other words, we do not discuss it. Ever. Doolally fits it perfectly. He’s entirely too close to my image of Hitler as a man ‘of the people” for comfort. Most of the time I just ignore the nonsense and hope someone nails him someday.

    Marriage, I found, rides on the bedrock of “no, she/he doesn’t need to know” and “it’s not necessary to discuss EVERYTHING”

    i have a cell phone, it’s my husband’s old one. He makes sure I have it when I go out. What he doesn’t realize is that I have no idea how to turn it on, or off. Or charge it. But it makes a nice ballast in the bottom of my purse.

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  2. For myself — I have no truck with politics, or even the News. When indignantly squawked by ‘good’ people who do vote, my standard answer is a simple “Well … YOU voted for them, I didn’t” and move briskly away while they’re still feeding that one through their filters.


  3. The most demoralizing aspect of smart phones and such, is the way a four year old who has never seen one, can pick it up and know how it works. I would need a manual, coffee, maybe food, and a slow accompanied walk down the middle of this thing. Whilst my 4 year old neighbor has already discovered games and is playing them.

    They learn it the way they do languages, whole and fearlessly.

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  4. I feel the odd man out here on this topic. I am use to it on any topic so it is OK. Most of my life revolves around electronics. I am constantly updating. My home office has two computers with large monitors. One I blog and do web stuff on, the other is for watching videos and other stuff while I blog. I have my Ipad here and my Iphone. I have a TV on the wall in front of me above the monitors with my Two X-box game machines and my Apple TV run into. I have Earpods that hook to my Iphone when ever I go out of my home office to do something like fold laundry or dishes and I use it to listen to podcasts or music. I made sure the new car had all the electronics and can sync with my phone or Ron’s depending on which one of us is using it. One reason I love my electronics is the following story. I take my IPad with me when I have doctors appointment, and I have a lot of them. A recent appointment with my new heart doctor my pad was really useful. Her office had not received results of a some tests, but I had them on my pad and showed her all the tests I had over the years from the Providers own web sites. She was thrilled and it saved her ordering the same tests over again.
    I guess you could say I am plugged in , but I am not anywhere as proficient as the children of today. They have an altered brain state than us older people and they can multitask so much better than I can.

    As for the wonderful cakes. I wish you guys were in the U.S.. Em could make a huge fortune doing wedding cakes for same sex marriages that the asshole Christians think is doing Satan’s work. Best wishes. Hugs

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