#5 Squares in September: Training.

This is called Iron Tooth Monsters. ( you can just make out the title in the right of the frame)

It depicts the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Newtown and the trains at Braamfontein Station..

Although there are some striking examples of graffiti/ street art in and around Johannesburg, ( you can even take a Graffiti Tour, apparently – wall to wall tourists, too) most of the routes we take we hardly ever seem to encounter any.

So, when I come upon it I try to record it.

This was a fortunate find. It is close to the Witwatersrand Technical College on Empire Road. As this is not one of our regular routes it probably means we were out shopping somewhere we don’t usually go for something we don’t usually buy! 

I reckon this is a pretty good entry for the Pink: Squares in September Challenge.


In the Pink #5

And something to listen to. From their 1972 album, Rock n’Roll Music to The World. Ten Years After, and the rather special Alvin Lee on guitar.



25 thoughts on “#5 Squares in September: Training.

  1. I would call that street art rather than graffiti, but what’s in a name. Nice image. I’m not sure I’d wander around Johannesburg these days, though I used to know Braamfontein once upon a time!


    1. You’re right, street art is probably a more accurate term.
      Most of my street photography, especially close to the city, is shot from the car when I ride shotgun.
      I used to work in the Carlton Centre and later in Main Street and used to wander with hardly a concern at all.
      I doubt I would be so bold these days.
      Oh, well, that’s life, I guess.

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          1. As you said, times change. Not always for the better. We hear very little out of SA now, though what some of our SA friends say the new president is making some Zim-like decisions 😦

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          2. As I have often remarked – whenever I can avoid it, I don’t follow ”News” at all , and prefer to simply carry on regardless.
            My BIL is a truck driver in Europe and he is all over the place, from Portugal to Italy and most places in between.
            He fills us in daily via Google chat what is happening – even news about the rand ( I try to switch off!)

            From what I read on WordPress everyone is complaining about their President/Prime minister. I shrug and try not to let it bother me.
            In most regards, we seem all right.

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    1. You mentioned you use LibreOffice, I seem to recall?
      I began to see high cpu usage last night when a document was open? ( especially a file larger than 70k)
      Have you had any problems like this?

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      1. I hadn’t noticed, but then I’ve been using an old laptop lately (with libre office on it) which is slow as hell anyway. The PC has generally become a bit clunky though, which I put down to the latest windows 10/Lenovo/google chrome updates. Have you tried googling it to see if anyone else is affected? I’ve just today gone back to using the PC so will keep an eye on it.


        1. Googled my backside off! There are others who have mentioned it, but no guaranteed solution.
          Even the ”try this” suggestions – I struggle to understand or dare attempt!

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          1. My feeling about libre office in general is the whole thing seems a bit wobbly. It also annoys me that I would really prefer to use Microsoft Word. I only want a word processing facility after all – not the rest of it, and thus do not feel inclined to pay £90 or whatever.


          2. Just thinking, if your computer has been updating, you could try going back to pre-update settings. I’ve forgotten how you do it, but I remember it wasn’t difficult, and it might be worth a try. There’s maybe some conflict there between prog and the recent updates. I know I’ve had to disable a couple of newsfeeds since last week because I couldn’t get to the end of them flashing up on the screen, which they weren’t doing so annoyingly or intrusively before.

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          3. That’s a thought. I shall inquire of the more tech savvy ones in the fam.
            BTW. Have you submitted anything using Libre? Do you kn«know if it’s compatible with MSWord?

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          4. I have submitted a couple of things, and had no feed-back of the incompatibility sort. ‘Under save as type’ on save page I use ‘Microsoft word 2007-13 XML’ option.

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        1. Ah … sorry. Not quite on the ball aujourd hui.

          My laptop has been giving me gyp since last night – sudden high cpu usage making the computer strain.
          About 10 mins ago I finally worked out it is LibreOffice for some reason.
          However, fixing it is another issue altogether, because that’s as far as my (lack of) tech savvy goes.


          1. Now you’re talking over my head. Computers. egads. Thankfully I have a ‘tech’ guy at work who straightens me out and loves to do things for me (he’s a former student of mine). He’s one of my favourite young fellows, along with my son who has to basically take over and work his magic on occasion. Oh, and I have a paper stuck on my bulletin board with instructions from Arch (from a few years ago) as to cleaning up my files . . that’s after I took it to a computer tech who didn’t have a clue about Macs. . Arch was a genius at that stuff. (sniff, sniff – I miss the old feller)

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