24 thoughts on “Benched: Silent Sunday

        1. She …. (Bobbi is a girl)

          I think the operative word for your neighbours and AC/DC was hear , rather than listen.

          I used to be a ”Turn it up to 11” bloke but these days really loud music sets me on edge.
          Too many years in rock clubs and at rock concerts.
          My misspent youth. πŸ™‚

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          1. There are some memorable moments that’s for sure, involving many of those things one attributes to rock n roll.
            I could probably fill a few blogs! But I won’t.
            Those days were not really about listening to music, but rather the whole experience thing.
            ”I was there …. were you?”

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  1. Someday someone will ‘discover’ just what a big deal Pratchett was (and is) in literature. He covers everything, and rarely falters. And like Dickens, he writes wide, takes it all in.

    Having finally read his final two books (in three days, incredibly) I think those were the best stuff he did. Hard and painfully dark, and funny at the same time.

    I tried to interest my cats in some of it, but they have a limited sense of compassion or humor for anything not connected to themselves.

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    1. Marvelous how we all see such things differently. I have not managed to read Raising Steam, for the opposite reasons you loved it.
      I may be wrong but I seem to recall reading that by the time he was fully into this novel he was ”talking to his computer”, and the creative side of composition in this manner must surely be different than the physical act of typing the words out.

      Agreed. Cats tend to be indifferent to so many things. I doubt that even reading about the escapades of Maurice would stir much interest.

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  2. Originally I had tried to read “Raising Steam” without having read “Snuff” which is really an adjunct to the last book; It fell far short of what I had hoped, and I never finished it. But last January was my binge month for Pratchett, and when I hit “Snuff” I was totally into it, and started “Steam” immediately afterward.
    The two books together are a painful examination of prejudice, human behavior, and the amount of forgiveness we can, when prodded, show.

    But like anything else, I suspect everyone reads on different levels which is why my favorite rereads are in someone else’s remainder box.

    Then again, there are people who love asparagus and would trade their children for a fresh batch, and those who have to leave the room it’s being served in…

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      1. yes, how embarrassing. I keep threatening to sort them out just once, by theme, maybe next time around I will. Had to actually replace the first two (paperbacks, badly bound) , they came apart in my hands this time. One too many reads, I guess.

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      2. Some might say sneaky, eh? *laughs*. There are many layers to Esme and the Cloud, and you shall always be welcome on every single one Ark ❀

        – Esme and familiar (medium-sized sarcastic dog) waving upon the Cloud

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        1. The Zebra pattern had seen better days and it was agreed that both benches would look devastating in a little black number with gold and copper metallic trim for the summer.


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  3. Cutie looks bored … with your taste in literature?

    Or was it the taste OF your literature ( it’s gone and she holds the field). Brrrr …

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