Oh for gods sake! Nob of the Week

Jesus thought that Moses and Noah were genuine historical figures because they were. Whereas you ‘know’ that they were not. Your omniscience never ceases to amaze me!


Omniescence? Nah … science!




54 thoughts on “Oh for gods sake! Nob of the Week

  1. Ark…some day you will stand before God Almighty and you will have to answer for your unbelief. Some of us are praying for you and others in the same boat.


        1. I am curious —- I always enjoy visitors to my blog, but why do you, as a young earth creationist, bother leaving unsubstantiated and utterly ridiculous comments that simply make you look like a bloody ignorant, uneducated fool?

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          1. Ark — that’s not nice …

            (True, but not nice. God won’t love you if you’re not nice, and Jesus will postively dislike you. A lot.)

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          2. As opposed to the love shown by Fundamentalist Christians who condemn all non-believers to Hell?

            Or as they say in our neck of the woods:

            Jy is vol kak.


          3. Well then … you and Jesus of Nazareth have something in common.
            Except that he is a narrative construct of course.

            Tell me, Albrie, why do you condemn people to hell on the say-so of your Christian faith, even when the make believe man-god you worship never said anything of the sort?

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          4. Ark 2 years ago I pointed out your generalizations and circle arguments in trying to use the Bible as a basis to disprove the Bible. Which doesn’t make sense to me as the part used by you apparently carries more weight as the part you are disproving. But as it makes sense to you, I m happy for you. If it makes you a fulfilled person is altogether another question. I hereby conclude I our biennium interaction.


          1. …not to mention and oh by the way is the very omni-benevolent and omnipotent agency who supposedly created the entire prey/predator biosphere filled to overflowing with mandatory suffering but whose followers demand He cannot possibly be responsible for it… the divine agency who actually owns you because He’s your creator/parent and so deserves your complete subjugation and fealty… who deserves exemption from any and all moral responsibility for His creation, you see… yeah, that Creator…

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      1. “Which God?” Here’s where some would think I’m being a wee bit sarcastic (but I’ll risk it): take your pick, Ark, there’s millions.

        But wait, buy now and it gets even better:

        IF YOU CAN come up with an unknown, and He’s (She?) acceptable, and you land on your feet and hit the deck running — you’ll make a bundle! (Don’t forget that a good product sells but if you sell franchises that’s much better.)

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      1. COVERT:

        If the man with the gun wants you to believe, you believe. Otherwise—

        —disbelieve now! Feel free! Racks, stakes, ropes and faggots ready right now and trained operators on standby awaiting your call!

        (Who the hell needs evidence, especially when the man with the gun wants you to believe?)

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        1. They are all very much alike aren’t they? Whether it be Kilpatrick, Robertson, Mel or Branyan
          They simply refuse point blank to acknowledge the evidence.

          Because I mentioned to Robertson that the more socially advanced nations are inexorably moving away from religion and that many of the so-called Third World Countries will eventually get there as well, he called me a racist!

          He has just likened me to picking up a wet fish regarding the historicity of Moses and Noah because they are not the Exodus and the Flood and I am changing the subject.
          Can you understand this? I am flummoxed.

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          1. There is NEVER any 500 lbs gorilla in the room or pink elephant! Nor am I or anyone else ever TRULY touching the chairs we sit or lounge upon. But unfortunately there are millions of people who deny all of those ever exist, particularly the last fact! Hmmmm. 🤔😄 Do we have to explain it again? 🙄

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    1. It had crossed my mind that calling him an ignorant, arrogant tit is a grave insult to a perfectly innocent little bird.

      Fortunately there is no bird that come to mind which ornithologists have named a Disingenuous Arsehat

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    2. PROF:

      Aaaah, yes — but they said it with such style! Got ’em quite a following too … but they made the mistake of underestimating The Establishment. Not good …

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      1. LOL… in their minds does it matter in the least what power “The Establishment” wields when they have GOD ALMIGHTY and His Jericho horns and tubas with them!? 🤭


  2. Who said Jesus said Noah and Moses existed? The same blokes who said Jesus existed?
    Speaking in language to be understood by these delusional and mentally impoverished people, the devil has led them into false doctrine.

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  3. I am still amazed that so many so-called Christians will read what was originally a Jewish book, and worship who is essentially a Jewish born Messiah, born and brought up in the jewish faith, but will shun real live Jews…

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    1. This is because in truth, they are not really followers of Jesus at all – or even Yeshua – but the one that has been concocted for them by the Church.

      Remember, it is always worth bearing in mind that the church promoted the Jews as the real Christ – Killers.
      That’s why the story ( entirely fabricated of course) has Pilate washing his hands.

      And one only has to consider how Luther regarded Jewish people and the slaughter that stemmed directly from the beliefs of the Church.

      If anything , the average Trinitarian is in fact a Paulinite.

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        1. @ark: “And one only has to consider how Luther regarded Jewish people and the slaughter that stemmed directly from the beliefs of the Church.”

          And how the Pope during WWII did next to nothing (“our prayers are with you”) concerning the conentration camps, just hid himself out safely in the Vatican.

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          1. Indeed Judy. Great point too! He was more concerned in protecting the physical Vatican, bishops, and staff than helping some 6-million people exterminated. What a horrendous RCC guilt it must carry for those souls. 😔

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    1. Hey! Say anything you like about anyone (it’s a free speech era, no?) but one word of denial regarding the Discworld and you will be history!

      It exists.

      It’s REAL!

      I’ve read about it in books, and books never lie … not when their covers are in colour.

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  4. The Final Word(s)

    It is, therefore it is.
    I believe in it because it exists and it exists because I believe in it
    I am, therefore I am


  5. Jesus thought that Moses and Noah were genuine historical figures because they were.

    One mythical character referencing another mythical character, proves NOTHING
    even a people we know to be historical though talk about some mythical characters being real

    Clearly the all seeing Santa claus thought that his flying steed were real or the all knowing fates “talked” about Zeus

    The historical Jesus would have obviously thought that Moses,Noah, the exodus and Noah’s flood were historical simply because that was what they were taught. It doesn’t take divine intervention to subscribe to the historical views of your time and community


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