Can’t touch this!

A certain amount of surprise has been expressed that the hens have remained unmolested by the dogs and in particular the cats.

I cannot explain it either,and yet, apart from a few episodes of what could be called high jinks no threats of any kind have been made against the birds and everyone – Hens,Cats and Dogs live side by side quite amicably.

The hens have grown a fair amount since they first arrived and are able to move as fast as you like when they feel up to it. They all stick together as well, moving about the property as a unit most of the time.

We listen out for any untoward noises but so far, its all Fowl Play.








13 thoughts on “Can’t touch this!

  1. The way they get along is quite surprising. Our cats and dogs fight like well, cats and dogs. 😉 We never let the dogs near our ducks when we raised them. I imagine it would have been a very different scene than what you’ve captured. Allowing them all to roam freely would have been nice.

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  2. There does seem to be a wordless (at least to us) communication between species: our former dog fully understood that size mattered not, it was rank, and the cats outranked him. Our big half Maine Coon cat has become a Guard Cat, and somehow mentally cordoned off the lawns around the house, turning them into No-Turkey-Zones. They used to march right up to the front door and peer in. Now they are 200 feet away, in the fields.

    It may also come from us, as caretakers. In some way we communicate that desire for “let’s all get along” and that’s an end of it.

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    1. I tend to side with this approach. There is an overall laissez faire /calm approach at our spot ( except when we are running hellishly late for orders, then its mayhem) that the animals might pick up on. Even visiing cats pay no mind to the hens when they pass through.
      Weird, I know, especially as the dogs next door are ”terrorists” who I wouldn’t trust an inch.

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    2. You stated — “It may also come from us, as caretakers. In some way we communicate that desire for “let’s all get along” and that’s an end of it.”

      My response — I agree and keeping everyone fed helps keep the peace.


  3. Holy Moully Mo-Sah-Lolly Ark!!! L’pool’s lightening quick counter-attack is so damn good and a delight to watch!!! Mo’s first-time shot was just damn exquisite! 😲


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