No. 7


Meet No. 7.

We believe he comes from the school up the road, though we can’t be certain. He’s not feral, but not entirely domesticated either, and he is even dirtier than what he looks in the photos.

He is neutered,so someone took it upon themselves to take him to the vet or at least the SPCA, which shows conscientiousness if not exactly love.

Anyway, we have begun leaving food out for him and gradually he has become relaxed enough to park off for an afternoon nap in the sun, seemingly unperturbed with the resident six cats that live with is.

From having 23 cats ( all at once) I vowed that when we eventually got down toΒ  zero we would not get any more. This, however, has turned out to be a vow that looks all the more unlikely as the years pass and not only did we never get down to zero we just seem to continually accumulate.

If someone had said that one day I would be living in a cat-house this would probably not have been the first thing to spring to mind.


17 thoughts on “No. 7

  1. that looks like the kind of cat that isn’t allowed inside, although it appears to be well fed and not abused. He’s a pretty thing, lovely thick fur.

    We’ve had up to 9, but for this house that was a sufficiency. I never want to be down to just one cat, it makes bringing in a new cat way more than problematical, and at my age I want to outlive my cats, I simply do not want to know what would happen to them if we were gone. So I put my name in to the gods who decide such things, and hope for middle aged and elderly females.

    It does look as if you have a new cat.

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  2. Bwahahahahahaha!!! 🀣 Awwww, Arkesatan’s Poly-Sanctuary is being overrun by waves of loving, napping felines. Word is out everywhere in Johannesburg: “Need purrin’ company? Go over to Arkesatan’s Polyamorous-Sanctuary! They’ll take anyone!

    You have it SO HARD. πŸ™„

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    1. There was a time when there seemed to be a steady accumulation of at least one a year, sometimes two (the coyotes did their bit, sadly) and we were apparently sanctuary for any cat that needed to get away from the house they were in. I suspect they left secret markings on the mailbox, the way hoboes did during the depression: “work here. good grub”

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      1. Judy! Am I to understand that you are either married to or related to Arkesatan!? 😲 Your comment reads as if you are right there! Or are you a stow-away, hiding in Ark’s wooden shed? πŸ˜‰ hehehe

        …work here. good grub” Hahahaha! πŸ˜„


  3. NO cats in our household … housemate has allergies. But if on my own, I MIGHT consider one but only if it is a purebred Siamese. No “cat house” for me. 😝

    To each his own. 😁

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    1. HAH! That’s where I wanted to go too Argus, but I couldn’t be as suave with the verbage as you. 😈😜 I mean… who doesn’t enjoy warm…

      …well, you get the idea. 😁

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