Something to crow about

Heard the raucous call, grabbed the camera and popped out to see.

Looks like Mr Pied Crow has managed to purloin a chicken bone for breakfast – or some sort of bone – from somewhere. Not from our spot, that I know.

Here he is perched on a street lamp further down the road.


©Ark 2018

16 thoughts on “Something to crow about

  1. Your crows have white on them – the ones here are black and noisy! They build nests in the trees by the gully out behind our house and can be quite a racket in the morning!
    Good shots!!

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    1. As i mentioned to Sally, this is the Pied Crow, indigenous to this region. It too can be noisy as anything when the mood takes it.
      There were half a dozen or more flying around this morning in a group, which is not something I have seen before. Maybe they were after a share of the bone this one had found?


    1. Afternoon, Ms Beautifulthing(s)! How’s the Cornish seaside today?

      The Pied Crow is indigenous to this part of the world, and to date it’s the only Corvid I have seen down here.

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      1. That is a very lovely greeting! Thank you! We were last at the sea on Thursday and it was beautiful as always and busy with yachts it being Falmouth week so lots of races to watch. 🙂


      1. we have the standard black crow, which, as one ornithologist said, does migrate, but not far. They take an immense amount of shouting and flapping about (reminds me of my Dad’s family) and going back to see if the door is really locked, and then they’re gone–Maybe a state over?–and back by January. No one seems to know why.

        This guy is elegant, and bully for him and the chicken bone.

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  2. Ravens are cool too. But I think starlings are my favorite, they come to visit us in droves of thousands on their annual migration from –> to <—- or wherever. Still blackbirds, but so much more…=)


  3. Crows = cute.

    Magpies = malicious.

    But you want perfection on wings?


    Many times faaaaaar out at sea I’ve bimbled down to the stern with a hot coffee and just lost myself watching them; and on occasion one will honour you by coming in really really close — only just out of reach — and hover (no. Not hover, just simply hang there in the slipstream) watching with alert, intelligent and friendly eyes.

    No wonder that harming one was a capital offence … ok, Christians, you want a genuine sacred experience? Go get (a) a fast frigate, (b) a cup of hot coffee, and (c) pray to your gods for the mystical presence that only an albatross can bless you with …


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