Another five word special from Paula over at Lost in Translation:

Here are a couple of examples of one of the words: Prehistoric


Noticed at the local market last week.

As prehistoric as they get these days!

And who said a dinosaur and a human couldn’t exist together?




      1. Some public-spirited citizen set your feet in concrete (possibly with swimming lessons in mind)? CS finally found out where you live and God bought him a ticket?


          1. And flat too. Don’t forget that!
            And trained Triceratops are not to be lightly dismissed.
            And vegetarian Allosaurus, cuddly Stegasaurs, and Delightful Diplodocus … all playing together with humans delicately clad in palm leaves so as to hide their naughty bits.
            Watch out! Here comes that evil serpent! S’okay … was just Adam’s willy peeping out. Tsk silly me. What a nervous Nelly.

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  1. I’m slowly working through the “age of the earth” thing: apparently this wasn’t even a true issue until some busy body in the 17th century did some new math and forgot to carry the 1 a few times…


    “The 6,000 year age was arrived at by James Ussher, a 17th century Irish Archbishop who counted up estimates of the ages of Abraham’s family listed in the Old Testament and calculated that the creation began (on the Julian calendar) on Saturday, October 22, 4004 BC, at 6 pm. Really.

    Usher made a lot of assumptions, chose to ignore inconsistencies within even those scriptural sources known at that time, and was unaware of certain, now obvious translation issues, importantly including the way the Babylonians counted, but that’s beside the point. As William Henry Green wrote, “The Scriptures furnish no data for a chronological computation prior to the life of Abraham; and the Mosaic records do not fix and were not intended to fix the precise date either of the Flood or of the creation of the world.”

    Some folks just can’t mind their own business.


  2. Bugger … when you post a comment to the ackshul blog and it appears at the end of a long tine of comments it could well appear to be a bit confused. Confusing. Something …


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