Watch the birdy: Pied Crow harries an African Harrier Hawk


I heard the commotion about twenty minutes ago, popped outside and way up high above me I saw this Pied Crow going ballistic. Then it dropped like a stone toward the Hawk, finally driving the other bird away.

Probably a once in a lifetime  sight and I just happened to have the camera on me. Lucky, really.


28 thoughts on “Watch the birdy: Pied Crow harries an African Harrier Hawk

    1. Initially I thought it was two crows. You can see from the lack of detail they were very high up.
      I was stunned and delighted when I realised what it was I was watching.
      I managed three shots before the hawk banked right and, pursued by the crow, disappeared from view behind some trees.

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  1. Amazing how corvids constantly harass raptors, the buzzards around here always have rooks or carrion crows mobbing them, best memory a holiday in Scotland watching a golden eagle being attacked by two ravens! One bird of prey that is always left in peace is the goshawk, now that will not take any sh*t.

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  2. Fantastic captures Ark. Do you think the Harrier Hawk was too close to the Crow’s nest — that is if the Pied Crow has chicks during winter there? Are Pied Crows very territorial, maybe? I know it must have been noisy; hawks and crows here have some SERIOUS lungs and loud vocals! 😄

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      1. Some might query: as a God hating atheist, how is this possible? But let the pedantic eat crow … WE know what you mean.

        Wasn’t it nice of God, 13,500,000,000 years ago to put you down for having camera in back pocket at just that right moment?

        (See … He’s not that bad, really—just got a bad press, that’s all)(dum’ bugger shoulda put Himself in for a good press; but that’s Gods for you …)

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        1. Nothing at all. I just like being a little surreal sometimes. Think of it as revealing the divine part of my nature … how else can anyone explain ol’ God creating scorpions and Matthew Hopkins, hey?


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