Excuse my lame attempts at food photography. These shots were inspired by Sally over at My Beautiful Things 

Who, although living in Cornwall had never made Cornish Pasties – or Tiddy Oggies as they are also known as -until yesterday, it seems!

So here is a pictorial of the process  a la The Ark’s Spot.


Sealed and ready for the oven. Served with chips and a fresh salad. The perfect meal for the World Cup Final. These are a mixture of  Meat Pasties and  Vegetarian.


And for desert:

Apple and Cranberry Pie


To die for!




  1. Ooooooo! I DO LOVE ME some apple and cranberry pies, what American cannot love apple-pie, huh? 🙄 But I would especially eat up the cran! It all looks fantastic!

    Hey Ark, when I come to visit your thriving Jurassic Arken-Park next summer, I would like some SA custard tart and Malva pudding please! 🤩

    Btw, as a footnote, do you remember my prediction on the WC Final? How many goals France would win by? 🤭 Pogba should’ve made it by 3-goals wide open in the 6-yd box. Geeezzzzz!

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  2. Ohhhhh … Ark:

    for shame, Sir!

    As an expat Brit whose memory is failing I still seem to recall my ‘oggies as having the meaty bits at one end and the desserty bits at the other.

    (But send me one and I won’t mention to you to folks who might otherwise scrag you for taking the Great Name in vain.)

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    • My father is Cornish (Born and raised in Newquay) and this was how we ate them – more or less – when I lived at home so I am taking a guess my folks knew what they were on about!
      But there are probably several recipes and variety is the spice of life I reckon!


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