Soccer News!

Hot off the press.

It is reported that Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp, after being accosted by a Street Preacher in Liverpool is now looking to sign a new goalkeeper.

Apparently he was overheard saying:

”Ja vell, look, you know ve are havink ze problems vis Karius and zis guy on the street says somevun called Jesus saves better than anyvun. Zo, I vant ze vord out. Whoever he is playink for, ve must sign him before the transfer vindow closes.”



8 thoughts on “Soccer News!

  1. LOL! 🤣

    I know exactly who you are referring to! But I’m not sure you’ll locate him. He was apparently last seen at The Garden Tomb. NO WAIT! With Mary. NO, NO WAIT! With some woman and 2 angels. NO, NO, NO WAIT! With Mary, Peter, and Paul. NO, NO, NO, NO WAIT! That’s a damn band. With pseudo-Mary, pseudo-angels, and 1,000 others. NO, NO, NO, NO, WAIT, WAIT! Ummmm…

    OH F*CK! I have no clue where to find the wanker. 😞

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  2. Anyone who can skip gaily across the surface of a lake shalt have no problems keeping goal for no-one. Even better if it’s raining very heavily and the waters are backing up … my advice, sign him quickly before someone nobbles him.

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  3. This guy Jesus is known to be a third of a whole person somewhere, therefore you would have to have 3 contracts and evidently none of them or even as one person have done nothing on Earth for thousands of years, so the chances that any of these 3 idiots could save a goal is absolutely nil, but have faith.

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