World Cup Russia 2018

 Sour-Kraut and a Swiss Roll.

What a feast … of football!


Germany 0 – 1 Mexico

Brazil 1 – 1 Switzerland 







  1. What a feast indeed!!! Probably more like what a feast of spectacular, beautiful goals, great close shots, shots hitting the goal-posts, tactical attacking/defending genius, very poor refereeing in the Swiss/Brasil game, and so VERY MUCH to look forward to throughout remaining Group play — especially since Germany lost! 😮

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      • I was sharing the tears-of-joy with Mexican players and fans. LOL For CONCACAF they are our serious hope to represent well our tiny Federation of few top world-class footballers. 😛

        Historically, Brasil has never been a team that blasts out of the start-gate. It is clearly a cultural thing. 🙄

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        • I am impressed that some of the games one expected to be walkovers have turned out to be more balanced and with what we saw today, a pleasant turn up for the books.
          It has so far made for some really good football and bodes well for the tournament as a whole. Let’s hope it continues in a similar vein.

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  2. World Cup? Is that a drinking Game? 😃😄😉😋 OH it is soccer. Yes our grade school kids play that as they are too young for real football. 😜😇🙀😹😻 Enjoy the games. Yes I am a heathen. Hugs

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    • blhphoto, yes… tomorrow! Tunisia looks incredibly prone to “pleasantly surprise for the history books” — Tunisia will be a REWRITING the annals of old footballing elites! 😛 (runs to duck behind the nearest missle-proof 3-Lion shield)


          • (Politely) Hahaha, now you know how it feels to be an American football fan. :/ 😉

            Nevertheless, this is what I already had prepared for your England WC post, or non-post:

            Scoreline reads: England/Tunisia 0 (with bloodless bodies) versus Mosquito-millions FC 999,999,999 (no more digits on calculator!) — Useless pesticides! Mouths, throats, ears, and stomachs full of the buggers!!!

            Track-star Raheem Sterling: Why can you not shoot the ball? Hmmm, wonder why Liverpool let you go in the first place? He reminds me of Theo Walcott: fast, but not so productive. LOL 😉

            How many fantastic crosses from the flanks and set-pieces from the English they had? And how crazy unorganized Tunisia’s defence became as a result! And yet, no goals from those chances until stoppage-time. Wow. I thought only the U.S.A. did that? Except the Yanks… not even in stoppage-time. 😛

            Kyle Walker!!!!!</b< WTH were you thinking? Even if he had jumped with the Tunisian player (like you should have), Pickford would've saved it… assuming the header would've been on-goal!

            And how much can you say or NEVER SAY ENOUGH about Harry Kane!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!! By the hair on their chinny-chin-chin. Whew. 😉 I’m shocked the Tunisian keeper didn’t even TRY to stop his header or at least try to close down the angle. Strange. Anyway, a COLOSSAL 3-points for the 3-Lions.


          • Well it’s easy to be an armchair critic, especially as an England fan.
            However, on saying that Sterling is a nob. Walker …. yuck.
            James Milner should have been there,
            and Jamie Vardy? Why the hell didn’t Southgate play him?

            Hendo was great, His passing game was spot on. Surprised he had the captaincy taken away.
            Tripier, not bad.
            Mcguire as good as he is for Leicester.
            We’ll see.

            Kane was of course superb, doing what Harry does.
            But no dead ball specialist like Beckham and that is going to be costly.

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          • An accurate assessment Ark… for us/an armchair critic(s). 😉 Perhaps your points on Vardy, Milner and Southgate will rear their ugly heads vs. Panama or definitely vs. Belgium, huh? But I feel England will still advance out of Group play.


          • Well THAT didn’t take long to read through did it? Small fact for pundits to digest…its only taken the four in the BBC studios to come up with it….England have WON their first game in a World Cup and it’s been a while since they’ve done that. Don’t lose your heads….look forward to Panama.

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          • 3 points, really that’s all that counts at this stage, Tunisia parked the bus and were no threat at all 2nd half ( missed the first thanks to being at work) Sterling and Young have to realise they cannot beat every single player by trying to walk through them. That said how many pens should England have had? I counted 3 clear, what the hell is this video ref thing, about as much use as the extra officials that used to stand on the goal line with a little stick! However I will be bold to say we will play better against Belgium, we might lose, but it will be a more open match. C’mon ‘Arry!!!

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  3. Well it would be nice if I understood what language you guys are talking? Seems you are fixated on some kind of moving rolling round thing. Is this a sign of mental break down? Is it creationism run amok? Is there a treatment? Hey on the plus side I seen on the real news that the fan reaction to the Mexico goal / win set off the earthquake alarms. That’s some serious love of the game. Hugs

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