25 thoughts on “Ronaldo Free Kick -Pure Genius

  1. Sometimes I am utterly speechless when the man does things that are essentially unhuman and defy all laws of physics. It’s unfair! It’s pure spectacle! It’s Cristiano Ronaldo! It’s the World Cup! 🤪🤯😬

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      1. As good a goal as it was, there was an element of good fortune, whereas Ronaldo’s goal ….
        well …
        ”Excuse me, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” said the tourist to the busker.
        ”Practice man, practice.”

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        1. Totally. How many times over the years have we seen him perfectly turn/place the ball (with stem up?) on the mark, takes those steps back then to the side, spreak his feet the same distant, take that long deep inhale, then give the “death-stare” at the ball, the goal, the wall, and the spot he is aiming?

          HAH!!! Yeah, it’s “practice, practice, practice… ad infinitum” alright. LOL


          1. The South African rugby player,fly half, Naas Botha was often reviled because he was one of the best kickers of the rugby ball in the history of the game. The purists railed on him for not running the ball.
            But he was another that stayed on after all his team mates had left training and he would kick and kick and kick.

            At the end of his SA rugby days he was contracted by a US Football team just to kick between the posts!

            Being gifted is only part of the ”genius” of any player.
            There’s almost always a lot of bloody hard work as well!

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  2. I’m not into soccer (we don’t allow it the same status here in the states, sadly) but I do appreciate good playing in any sport, and that was a marvelous series of shots. What fun that was to watch…

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    1. Judy even us rugby league fanatics in Queensland Australia have to bow down to the football (soccer) world cup as bigger than anything else, and so should Americans because it is the world game and invented by the English but that may be a fact that may not go down to well with Americans.

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        1. Judy, have you tried watching Rugby League and in fact even Rugby Union are two sports that are just as vicious and dangerous as American football, however none of the players wear motor cycle helmets and upper body armour.


          1. Bullshit! He’s fit and a great player. He should have been given a run even if only for 10 minutes.
            Now they have it all to do.

            Croatia game just finished. They played well.

            Will be rooting for the Mexicans tomorrow.

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  3. In New Zealand soccer is reviled as a game of “Kick it wiv yore ‘ead (spit!)”. Average Kiwis don’t understand anything more intellectual than thumping people, jumping up and down chanting “Ugga boo, ugga boo!” or somewhat over-fizzy beer.

    Any takers?

    No? Okay then, that guy was great! (And I pity the poor goalies—that’s a helluva space to have to defend, despite being expert on body language and quick thinking.)

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      1. I should point out this Ireland 40-29 New Zealand is a rugby union score when Ireland recently beat the All Blacks, for those who are uninitiated.


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