32 thoughts on “Pond Life: By Request

  1. Very nice. You’ve got some beautiful koi there. So friendly too. The ones in my pond are rather skittish. They’re young so hopefully they get used to us more as they get older. Right now, they tend to scatter if we get too close.

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    1. I imagine that one could still swim in the pool~?
      Okay, it might lower the tone of the neighbourhood a wee bit for the inhabitants, but hey, that’s life … and quietly with mask and snorkel, oh wow~!

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  2. Wooooow- is this your yard ? It’s stunning – esp love the pict of feeding the fish with hands – everything looks serene , peaceful and inviting – I should really add your pict to the posts – so amazing, did I mention that that yet ! And thank you for sharing, Ark!

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    1. Yes, this is our garden.
      Koi are fairly easy to tame and they will eat straight from the hand.
      Many of the fish are getting on in year and are as much pets as the other animals.
      The fish in the photo is named Oberon. We bought him 16 years ago.

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  3. Ark, that is utterly gorgeous! I love the colors and textures! Very well done you guys! ❤

    And I may? Please? 😉

    Pique… Pi-DUMB foul! de Gea, de Gea, de GOLA? 😮 But WOW what a HELL OF A GAME, huh?

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      1. Though there are several things about CR7 I do not care for… you are right Ark, he is indeed #1 or #2 in the entire world right now. :/

        How about that zinger-BLAST from Nacho outside the box!? OMFG… I just started laughing hysterically! How in tha HELL can a keeper even HOPE to touch a shot like that? Unless it’s Gordon Banks!? 😛

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    1. I built our first pond in our previous house – 4000 litres.
      Never again!
      I do not recommend it unless you are a dab hand at this sort of thing.
      When we moved we needed either a pond or space for one.( we had around thirty fish at that stage)
      The pool had not been maintained and was perfect for our fish.
      It was a very fortunate encounter all round!

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    1. It has developed over the years and isnow an eco-system in its own right theses days.
      Once I put in water plants – reeds, irises etc the fish had a place to spawn and we get a new crop of babies each year.
      We also have a frog or two as well, which is wonderful.
      Just have to be on our toes when the Heron pays a visit.

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  4. Hey Ark, I can’t seem to find a way to email you, so question: would it be ok, to include this beautiful post link and some of the pictures in my upcoming blog post about the water feature? Your water scenery seems perfect and obviously, the requesting person knew what to ask for. Haha

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