Movie review – Eye in the Sky

Drone attacks are part and parcel of modern warfare and this movie concerns the “prosecution”  of  three high profile Islamic extremists at a civilian house in a rebel controlled area just outside Nairobi.

The prosecution – a ‘lovely’ term – seems straightforward once the targets are positively identified, collateral damage estimated, risk assessment accepted and legal issues cleared – and the pilot and targeting operator are given  the Green Light to fire. But there is an added twist as we witness two young men being fitted out with suicide bomb vests.

Then, at the moment the command to fire the weapon is about to be given, a young child walks into the picture and sets up a small table to sell bread directly in front of a boundary wall..

That is as much of the plot I will reveal as this is an absolutely  riveting film that you must see.

It is set in real time so for the entire duration you are seeing what everyone else in the film is seeing.

There are stellar performances from Helen Mirren and the late Alan Rickman.

A movie of this nature cannot escape ethical and moral issues and while no judgments  are overtly made I challenge anyone with an ounce of humanity not to be left with a sense of outrage at the futility and also the incomprehensibility of  the senseless violence perpetrated in the name of religion.



22 thoughts on “Movie review – Eye in the Sky

  1. Woah! This is most definitely going on my To Watch list. Thank you Ark. Just watched the movie-trailer and I see how you feel it is riveting. And I love both Rickman and Mirren.

    P.S. I think you’ll enjoy my post scheduled for early-early Sunday morning Ark. It is a VERY SPECIAL DAY Sunday don’tcha know! 😈🤗

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    1. I watched an old talk show which mentioned it and lo and behold there it was among the movies featured on our satellite feed.

      I am almost dead sure your post will rise to the occasion, Prof. Or someone will.

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  2. I will also look up the movie. I wonder if we have a war between religions and the rest of us are caught in the middle. I am serious. Everyday I read provocative stuff from one religion about the other. In the states we have the christian religions determined to fight and wipe out the islamic. In islamic countries they attack the christian and the jewish. The buddhist and muslims are in open warfare attacking civilians of each others religions. The way some of the heads of the military and definitely our white house talk, it is a religion they want to ban and that is the enemy. I will let you guess which one. None of these groups including the white average US regressive Right wing thug sees the people in these other groups, just the religion. Today the police in Texas had to admit the white deeply christian bomber was a terrorist after all, after denying it.
    My point is I don’t care a persons religion, they are simply wrong about believing in a god. But if they leave others alone I won’t bother them. But I am caught in this war of religions as is every other person I know , atheist or religious. I don’t know the answer to this problem. I hope more will leave their religions and stop targeting those different from them. It seems a small thing to base a hope on. Hugs

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    1. Scottie, I have to say I agree with you. Every chance I get to say it to religious zealots or even the semi-quite Moderately religious, I will bluntly tell them “I am from Earth. I am Homo sapien. You and I have less than a 0.1% genetic difference between us and all 7.5+ billion others on the planet. Done!

      (shrug shoulders & smile) 🙂

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    2. The “answer to this problem”, Scottie—is quite simply to get people to actually think. For themselves.

      If you think that’s simplistic and actually quite easy, go Google ‘Malala’ and you’ll see why fire has to be fought with fire, not reason.

      One cannot ‘reason’ with a mad dog.

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    3. I agree whole hardheartedly, and although Islam is far and away the most overtly vile of the major religions the extremists are only acting upon their own personal interpretation of the Qur’an.

      Now, to get the other two Abrahamic faiths to admit that the basis of what they believe is also crap and it’s about time we did away with ALL of it. Hmm … that might a mountain just a wee bit high to climb.

      And you never see a Christian, and especially a representative of the Church, openly telling a Muslim that their version of god belief is false.

      That might be a can of worms they are not willing to open.

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      1. And Ark, don’t forget that Zionist Judaism — militant ops and groups in and around Jerusalem — are just as bad as the Islamic and Christian militants. But then of course, the more peaceful bunches of all 3 will say THEY do not represent true _____________! (fill-in the blank) 😖

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  3. Seventy years ago they were prosecuting with a thousand bombers at a time and lots of bombs going off all over the place. So if these days they can be ‘surgically precise’ (don’t you just love that?) with only the one or two ‘innocents’ becoming ‘collateral’ … ain’t that progress?

    Bugger. I just bit me tongue, lost me point—and shall leave it to anyone with a sense of irony anyway.

    It’s not about the True name of God; quite immaterial. It’s all about Power and Control; with ol’ God just a tool used by wannabe powerful controllers.

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    1. With satellite feeds everyone involved in the prosecution was watching real time.
      In days of yore the pilot never really saw his target in these terms and the image presented to the bombardier looked pretty much like an ordinance survey map from that high up.
      Once the payload had been dropped it was off home and back to Blighty as quick as poss. and watch out for the ME 109s and the flak.

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      1. Yes. A chum lent it to us not long ago. A riveting watch. So many moral dilemmas. Not sure where it was filmed though. It didn’t seem quite like Nairobi light-wise. (Just being picky).

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  4. Toddle off home and watch out for bandits and flak?
    Some ‘humanity in war’?
    Here’s one of interest, then—go google the book “A Higher Call” by Adam Makos … there’s hope yet. (But that 109 guy wasn’t a Moslem.)


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