9 thoughts on “Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

    1. I probably should have filled that explanation out a bit and said I am not an early morning person.
      I won’t say I ever see the crack of dawn but I usually eat breakfast around 8 ish.
      The days of me crawling out of bed at some god unearthly hour when it was still dark simply to deliver newspapers are long gone!

      I will add that this might all be changing soon as my wife has ordered some chickens in an effort to have genuine free range eggs on hand for the business.
      But the gods know what possessed her when she apparently also told the bloke at our local community market to include a rooster in the order.

      I am not sure if my crew are having me on or if they are serious but if the latter then I can predict that the life expectancy of this rooster is going to be quite short.

      Whatever turns up I anticipate some very interesting blog posts in the upcoming months.

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  1. So Ark, what planet in what galaxy is this? No seriously you should show these to movie people, they would make great backgrounds for alien planets in Sci-fi movies. Hugs

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