Hunter Killer on the Loose! Not for the faint hearted.

Upon our return from walking the dogs this afternoon, Ems pointed to a pompilid wasp on the driveway and said, “Careful!”

However, at that stage she had not noticed the Rain Spider. When I saw it I pointed it out. Upon further investigation it was obvious the wasp had already stung her.

I have tried to save a Rain Spider before but to no avail once I realized the wasp had already deposited her egg on the paralyzed arachnid.

I have seen the Pompilid Wasps hunting on a few occasions and although  I have a soft spot for the spider I now leave nature do its thing.

Sorry for the poor quality of photos, it was almost dusk and I had to rush to my office to fetch the camera and the wasp worked quickly to drag its prey to a hole in the stone wall next to the driveway.

Try not to have nightmares




18 thoughts on “Hunter Killer on the Loose! Not for the faint hearted.

  1. Can I give these guys names? The wasp is Putin and the spider Trump. “Let me sting and paralyze you, spider. You are now under my complete control. I’m gonna feed you to my babies so Russia can grow to be big and strong!”

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        1. It goes on everywhere I suspect, and right under our noses too.
          However, unless some bloody nutter with a camera brings it to our attention we simply glide on by regardless.

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      1. When I was about 3 or 4 my older brother put a great old big hairy arsed bastard spider on my jumper, I sh*t myself (probably literally) never liked them since. Wasps, bees, hornets and the like no probs.

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        1. I used to react in a similar fashion but after setting out a couple of years ago to photo catalogue as much fauna as possible in our garden I am pretty much over those feelings. Not 100% but nearly. Forcing oneself to get up close and personal makes you become either paralyzed with fear or you get over it and realise that you are a gazillion times more ‘deadly’ than they will ever be and can focus on how amazing these creatures truly are.
          I am respectful, especially of spiders such as the Sac Spider and the Brown Button, but not fearful.

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  2. This is Nature at its nastiest. Imagine being paralysed but conscious, and waiting for eggs to hatch and eat your insides out live. Of course, remaining live after that is a bit difficult.

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  3. Love, love, LOVE this carnage Ark!!!! Thank you for reminding me of OUR version of the Pompilid: Tarantula Hawk!

    Does everyone here know where the wasp lays her egg and then what the larva does to the paralyzed living spider? 🤩

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    1. Ahhh, sorry! Guess I should’ve read the post. You explain the homocide and gruesome internal torture of the Rain Spider… twitching its last few twitches before a newborn Tarantula Hawk emerges from within. Yes, very much like Aliens. Hahaha!

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