Ark on the Street. Out shopping.

Time to stock up on fruit and veg among other things.

Okay, let’s shop! Colourful Bag Lady, or Lady with a Colourful Bag?

“Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?”

Almost as ubiquitous at robot (traffic light)  junctions as the Hadeda Ibis is to our garden.

‘Keep on running …’

Looking blue, but not feeling blue.  Walking past the Catholic Bookstore Queen Street.

Shopping over, let’s talk turkey. A “Muriel” around some building work.

Yellow Top.


Driving along Queen Street towards the suburbs of Bruma and Cyrildene.

Our spot is way in the distance up on the ridge to the left of this photo.


  1. You have captured some cool, colorful characters in your wonderful images. I feel a bit too inhibited to photograph strangers and have great admiration of those who do street photography.


    • Ah … I mostly cheat. I ride shotgun when I am in a ”Street” mood and photograph from the car.
      Also, I am nervous about walking around with a camera on display. Mugging is an ever present risk.


      • From what I understand there is a whole art to doing street photography and being discreet is definitely a part of it. The mugging thing is definitely a real concern. I live near Washington DC and there are definitely places in the city where I would be reluctant to travel with or without a camera in hand.

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  2. Great set Ark. You mentioned mugging in the above comment, my daughter who’s at Manchester will not let me take my camera out when we go visit, there is some superb old architecture and canal areas but she recons it’s asking for trouble, what a sad world.


  3. I dislike invading folks’ privacy … well, that’s my excuse. I also don’t like the idea of having a camera up my nose …

    Especially love them turkeys! (And the colourful bag lady …)


    • I don’t consider I am invading their privacy. In most of my candid street shots the people are part of the scenery, In some cases they tell a story, sometimes happy sometimes not, and sometimes it is just about ordinary people doing ordinary, everyday things.


      • I always wished for an invisible camera … they have ’em now but I can’t be bothered. Invading privacy, not really—nothing on the street is all that private. But it’s just how I feel. I also intensely dislike having my own photo taken, but smile when meet and otherwise remain a cheery part of the environment. People is folks, no?


        • I suppose if one looks like Quasimodo on a bad hair day I can imagine you would feel a bit ”iffy” about being photographed by some irritating bloody stranger who yells ”Say cheese!”
          However, the public in public spaces are what life is all about.


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