Watch the birdy. Pied Crow


Pied Crow iv

Pied Crow ii

Pied Crow vi

Pied Crow.

Often heard but infrequently seen at our spot, other than as a silhouette soaring far in the distance high above the valley. In fact, in the years that I have been photo-cataloging the flora and fauna at our spot I have managed only a couple of half- decent shot of this impressive bird.

Pied Crow xv

So you can appreciate that this was a surprise and a genuine treat to witness, and not just one … but two birds.

Pied Crow xii

And although  late, I shall include this as my entry for the Pair challenge over at Paula’s spot. 




12 thoughts on “Watch the birdy. Pied Crow

  1. Beautiful! Hard to believe those are crows! I have not forgotten about your chicken questions. I’m catching up today, from being out of town, but will pull things together for you tomorrow!

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