Watch the Birdy. Cape Wagtail.

Cape Wagtail.

When we first moved onto this property the Cape Wagtail was a regular visitor and would often be seen strutting across the lawn in a sort of jerky fashion, poking the soil looking for things to eat. This was long before I had the inclination to photo record all the fauna here.

Then, for no apparent reason it disappeared. Maybe it got tired of the cats or maybe another bird species displaced it. The Indian Mynahs perhaps?

Whatever the reason, it stopped visiting.

Yesterday, I heard it’s call for the first time in over a decade and for a few moments as I sat at my desk it did not register. Then it clicked what I was hearing and I grabbed the camera and dashed outside. There were a pair on our roof! I could hardly believe my eyes. By the time I had focused, both took flight.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

But today they were back. Albeit briefly and albeit on my neighbour Ben’s roof.  However,this time they were there long enough for me to get a couple of long distance shots.

I went back inside with a smile on my face and carried on working.

Welcome back, little birds.





  1. We encourage birds by feeding them appley bits in 3 seasons and bread in simmer. I understand that bread isn’t good for ducks so I don’t … but the garden birds seem to like it. And the white-eyes go crackers for cheese in winter …

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