Variations on a theme. Cosmos.


This self-seeding wild flower has become firmly established at our spot since I picked a solitary plant from outside a koi farm many moons ago.

Every year, around late spring/summer it appears, regular as clockwork.


Variations on a Theme





  1. I fling a packet of cosmos seed across an open mulched area of the garden every year, and it never disappoints. You have far more interesting spiders than we do here in New Hampshire, and it’s obvious they enjoy the cosmos almost as much as you do.


  2. Will you cool it with those blasted spiders~! (They make my fur stand on end … brrrr … or not, you get good shots.) Cosmos … memo to self: purchase a sackful of seeds and scatter with mad rapturous abandonment. In my yard anything that grows is a bonus—blasted drought—even the wasps I thought we had came to nowt.

    Lunar eclipse soon … another night’s irreplaceable sleep lost. Dammit, I suffer for my art; and if I get any decent shots shall post ’em. Expect a hundred snaps of a glow through clouds …

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