Mucking about in Microsoft Office: For Linda

I was asked about the original qualities of a sunset photo and I explained that normally all I might do is tweak the contrast in MS Office a little. I do not have any other editing facility on my laptop so apart from a little colour enhancement what you see is …

Here is another example of  simple editing.

This white rose was photographed in the garden this afternoon. The image is completely untouched. I used the Canon EOS and the setting was macro and fully automatic. I tried to soften it a little and allowed the focus to blur just a bit. I shoot everything on fully auto. Too darn lazy to learn all the other stuff. It’s way too complicated for me as well.

Below is the same shot, resized and cropped in paint then edited in MS Office by simply increasing the contrast and decreasing the mid tone a bit.

Quite straightforward. I ain’t no David Bailey! 

Though he and I do have one thing in common. His middle name is Royston and this is where I was born.



10 thoughts on “Mucking about in Microsoft Office: For Linda

  1. Beware the perils of photo editing Ark it’s very addictive! I shoot in raw (oh err missus) and use Nikons Capture NXD and spend probably more time tinkering than taking photos in the first place. Sometimes it’s justified as a camera doesn’t always capture what the eye sees, often I can save a ‘crap’ shot and make it ok.


    1. I own an old Olympus om10 and as much as I enjoyed taking pictures – which was what it was – I was never that good. For me it was
      recording things for posterity and a bit of art.
      It was always too expensive to really indulge.
      We acquired a Canon and also a Sony Cybershot and suddenly it was fun again.
      I have no allusions and am simply enjoying myself.
      Maybe I’ll make the effort and go on a proper photography course one day?
      Until then …

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      1. Fun is what it should be! (and is) as for photography courses, well we all see things differently, beauty in the eye of the etc etc. Keep on uploading them images


  2. I have a Brownie 127, a Yashica Electro 35, and an Olympus 740UZ; all now busily collecting dust on the shelves in my study … got rid of my OM2N Olympus years ago, sadly.
    But now I shoot with a trusty Olympus and a mid-range zoom.
    My sister was talking about going back into ‘wet’ photography, films and chemicals and timers and slops etc … brrr! No way! (Briefly I had a Polaroid take-’em’-and-spit-’em-out camera but it was too limited.)

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    1. My late father in law used to help with the odd enlargement but I gave up film photography, too expensive. When I inherited his dslr thy joy of taking photos again came back and some! I can take dozens of shots of the same subject delete the rubbish instantly and not worry about cost of processing! Brilliant

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