Photographic Review 2017 – Bee-ing there.

27th January

Honey bee about to make a pit stop on a Cosmos flower. ( Crab spider waits)

18th March.

Carder Bee  – Afranthidium Immanthidium repetitum.

26th January.

Front and Back view of Thyreus (Cuckoo Bee) asleep on Geranium. They maintain  this position by attaching themselves to the plant stem using their mouth parts where they can remain immobile for hours.. Truly is quite something to see.

5th July.

“Join the queue”

Thyreus (Cuckoo Bee) stops for ‘lunch’ at a gazania. Surprisingly, I only noticed the small leaf-wilter ( I think) after I uploaded and it was this that made the shot unique and prompted the title!

7th August.

Honey bee hovering at the Strelizia.


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