Photographic Review 2017 – Incy Wincy.

Although I have taken quite a number of photographs of spiders his year I have been disheartened not to have seen, let alone photographed, a single adult Rain Spider the entire year. We normally get a few house calls from these large arachnids, especially during our rainy season, yet all we had was one solitary visit from a very young male. Neither have I come across any of their nests. To those who struggle with arachnophobia I can understand why you might think me just a wee bit off my rocker  to have any positive feelings towards such a large spider. But there you go, I do, and their absence this year, which  may have been because of weather? – less rain than normal, is an area of concern. I hope they return next year.

Anyway, be that as it may. This Year-End photographic review, which had to include a spider post, would not be complete without my crab spiders.

Here are three of my favorites from the year.

“Chilling.” 16th February.

“Home Maker”  27th January.

“Anticipation.”  28th February.


One thought on “Photographic Review 2017 – Incy Wincy.

  1. I may have mentioned that once I awoke in the back porch of someone’s house near Melbourne, on a camp-bed, as an overnighter from the wedding the day before?

    I awoke before full daybreak and the huge fuzzy blotch on the wall was too close for my hungover eyes to focus on and I really really really felt too delicate to do anything but listen to my logic banks telling me not to fret, “They just don’t make spiders that big~!”. I went back to sleep.

    And of course when I awakened properly later … nothing there.

    Young and with the constitution of an ox I later helped sweep out their garage. So?

    So the static spider, dried up and long deceased that my questing broom now found was quite easily the biggest spider in the world—and the one I’d seen earlier was even bigger.

    I’m not really all that comfy around spiders … possibly in a previous incantation I was a fly … brrrr.


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