Neil makes a Pussycat out of Colorstorm.

Colorstorm: Maybe you should try allowing the scriptures to defend itself.

Neil: Yes, I tried. In fact, I got as far as Genesis 1, where I discovered that it got the physics wrong.

Slapdown of the week.
Neil does a number on the Fleabitten old Moggy!
Hilarious … I nearly choked on my tea.

22 thoughts on “Neil makes a Pussycat out of Colorstorm.

          1. There are definitely competing evolutionary theories. Most are backed by wish-fulfilment, but they do compete. Including the ‘yes, but’ ideas that evolution happened/s, but that human beings are outside of it.
            Dating is constantly altering with new discoveries, anyway.


          2. There is only one Theory of Evolution. What debate exists concerns the mechanisms (and ifluence of each) by which it proceeds. None of these challenge the single Theory.

            Only Creationism stands in opposition, and Creationists are free to present their evidence whenever they like.


      1. For me CS is Mr. Comedy though so this comment was confusing. CS is way funnier than Branyan. The sad part is the former isn’t trying to be funny, the other seems to be. I still say it’s the results that matter most though. 🙂

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  1. Told as a wee infant that God made Himself out of nothing from nothing before there was nothing I blew my circuits trying to image it—I still have a major problem with the concept. I put it into the same bucket as the Big Bang and stroll away nonchalantly whistling …

    Ark: sabbatical over, and back to work? Ee, welcome home, Lad~!

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