Neil makes a Pussycat out of Colorstorm.

Colorstorm: Maybe you should try allowing the scriptures to defend itself.

Neil: Yes, I tried. In fact, I got as far as Genesis 1, where I discovered that it got the physics wrong.

Slapdown of the week.
Neil does a number on the Fleabitten old Moggy!
Hilarious … I nearly choked on my tea.


Reversing Pascal’s Wager


  1. Told as a wee infant that God made Himself out of nothing from nothing before there was nothing I blew my circuits trying to image it—I still have a major problem with the concept. I put it into the same bucket as the Big Bang and stroll away nonchalantly whistling …

    Ark: sabbatical over, and back to work? Ee, welcome home, Lad~!

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