The bible: A love letter from your Creator.

Well, if you did read it twice all the way through, I feel even more sorry for you because you wasted your time by reading it with a hard heart, rather than a pliable one. It is not a book of words but a love-letter from your Creator, so if you spent all that time reading it and didn’t hear his voice at all, then you may as well have not bothered.


Love letter indeed! Puts a whole new spin on the phrase: ”Jesus, I’m coming!”



42 thoughts on “The bible: A love letter from your Creator.

  1. It is!

    “Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, “Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all, old and young, girls and women and little children. But do not touch anyone with the mark. Begin your task right here at the Temple.” So they began by killing the seventy leaders. “Defile the Temple!” the LORD commanded. “Fill its courtyards with the bodies of those you kill! Go!” So they went throughout the city and did as they were told.” (Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT)

    If that doesn’t speak “love” I don’t know what does.

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          1. True, he does tend to simply leave the field without any announcement when he’s shown to be wrong. Problem is, next week he’ll repeat the exact same thing, knowing its wrong. This is why Tildeb and I are especially frustrated with him. Ark, to his credit, simply gave up.


          2. Oh but John! He’s NOT wrong! You should know that by now … he just sees the world differently. You know, with those rose-colored lenses that Christians wear.

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  2. Typically those are the “Believers” or “Faith-followers” that DO NOT read the entire 4th century CE canonical Bible, much less study it’s theology with a fine-tooth comb, and that their earliest “Church Fathers” deemed critical to have in the Canon! Why? Because it (apparently?) tells the entire Nature of their God too… not just the ‘warm fuzzy side” in the New Testament. They are indeed the prevalent Cherry-pickers. Period.

    Sad that they won’t be more inquisitive about their “Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer” more intimately. 😔

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    1. And no one knows just how many times their beloved book has been written over and over and over again. Every scribe and goverment, etc putting their own personal take on beliefs, folk tales and history while they rewrite the good book. There is nothing authentic about the Bible. There is nothing divine about it. There is no constant loving message throughout it. One of the last personal bible studies I did before deconverting was about love. I was shocked at how there was very little love/compassion. I just couldn’t get over how much more war, revenge, murder and the very vengeance of god, individually on their own, outnumbered any mention of love in the bible.

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      1. Agreed Charity. ❤ If you examine the ENTIRE canonical bible, from Genesis to Revelation, every word, every verse, every single chapter — no matter HOW MUCH you might loathe it — there is no way any sane, reasonable person can unequivocally claim that the Christian God is a forgiving, loving, compassionate God. And if those who try point to Yeshua/Jesus as the Triune God, i.e. claiming Yeshua's/Jesus' love and compassion (mostly to Pagans & Gentiles) demonstrates it… then THAT claim can be easily refuted by the unreliable fiction and folklore of the Gospel accounts and other epistles compared to NON-EXISTENT independent corroboration.

        Bottom-line, we humans are completely responsible for ourselves, our children and other children, and as much as possible other adults, particularly the elderly… NOT some fictional, miraculous, god-like Proxy or Redeemer.

        “Love is love. It knows no ethnicity, no national borders, no amount of money, no time, no genders, no animal genders either. It is the reason to exist.”

        Take full ownership for all your actions, words, and behaviors your entire life and quite pushing it off on another/others!!! It is truly very, very simple. 🙂

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        1. I do believe religion makes people lazy. Waiting on a savior to fix things while humans screw it all up is sick. Calling everything good of god and everything bad of the devil just keeps us all from going forward. Seeking knowledge and resolve with a good dose of empathy will help us advance, not religion.

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          1. Thanks, professor. I remember studying and dilligently praying for order in my life. After all, “confusion is not of god, he is the god of order.” I sincerely believed I was confused in Christianity because I was either mental or in dangerous sin. I didn’t understand all the contradictions and abuses in the bible, as well as in modern day churches. I thought I was at fault for everything. However, near the end in particular, I stayed on top of my concerns. I spent time simplifying everything and breaking things down. And I ended up finding no god, no spirit and no Jesus in the simplicity. Simplicity and calm without Jesus? Could it be? Yes, yes it was. However, I do deal with the aftermath of it all. It dictated my life for decades, the sting will not go away over night. At least with my current heathen self, I can look at others, myself and the things around me for what they actually are. There is no thick fog of the spirit blinding my eyes from the truth. There is no “pray away” anything. Assholes are assholes and nice people are nice people. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Living a life without nonsense hanging over your head is the first step to seeing reality. It’s difficult, but it’s freeing knowing that I am no longer oppressed with a vengeful god. That’s why I don’t debate existence and evidence with Christians. Real or not, why serve an asshole? Why serve YHWH?

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      2. And you never get a “fair and balanced view” like there are six whole chapters in the Bible on how to build a proper temple and how to do burnt sacrifices but not a single passage on child abuse. There are passages on love, I have read some of them … and on the other side of the balance (Thud!) are the unlovely things.

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        1. Exactly, Steve. I never understood countless chapters about measuring, whether it’s the ark or the temple. And the bible actually encourgages child abuse through stonings and beating them with rods. To think that people actually believe that it’s even a love story shows me why our government, laws, social services and judicial system is one big, sick, tangled mess. For many in leadership positions in the US claim to be god followers.


  3. There is no love in Christianity. Christians are flawed because their good book is absolutely sick. And regardless of what some atheists think, sweet Jesus is a huge part of the problem, not the answer.


  4. I have absolutely no problem with Christians as long as they respect my right to hold my beliefs as much as I do theirs. I don’t care who or what you believe in as long as you do no harm. That is the problem. So much harm is being done in this world in the name of religion it is a travesty. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, or believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster…don’t mess with my rights/beliefs, and certainly, don’t kill me for them.

    I’ve always said that Jesus would turn over in his grave if he had any idea what has been done in his name. And yes, I realize the that many Christians would say he’s not in a grave. I’m not saying that any of these beliefs might not be true. I’m saying that I believe in science…prove it and I’ll believe right along with you.

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    1. And don’t indoctrinate my kids with Jesus rubbish. My oldest has had Gideons international pass out bibles at his school. This happened in fifth and sixth grades. Then again yesterday in seventh grade. BTW, he has attended a PUBLIC school this entire time.

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          1. We are now seriously considering moving to at least a more centralized area in Memphis. We absolutely love our house and our almost an acre lot. However, our kids and sanity need to be taken care of. If specific things don’t change soon, we’ll sell our house.

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          2. Agreed. However, a good bit of the US strongly believe that god’s laws are above man’s laws. I’m sorry if you’ve already read my comments about this, I can’t always see every thing on my phone…over a year ago we pursued FFRF, the ACLU and even TST about this nonsense. The FFRF lost interest early on and the TST said they don’t have members in the area to pass out their materials. We actually had a good bit of back and forth between emails and phone calls with the ACLU. Much of it was repetitive. Then they disappeared as well. I just think they couldn’t be involved due to lack of funding to work in this area. Honestly, I don’t know why they lost interest. The truth is our lives may have been worse here if they did get involved. It just takes one person in a small, southern town to find out we’re reponsible for the FFRF’s local presence to make our lives a living hell.

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          3. I am just horrified at what you’ve gone through. I kept thinking maybe you should contact a national news organization, either television or print, but I understand your quandary. What a country we live in. I remember when I thought we were really becoming progressive. Now we regress day by day.

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  5. Ohhhhhh, ye dum pack~! How many times do I have to tell you: fact can never overcome faith.

    Never, never, never — and when it does that’s only ‘cos the faith wasn’t real.
    If you want to beat these deluded turkeys you have to bypass the write-offs and get to their kids. First. Teach ’em how to actually think, for themselves. But with too many it’s already too late:

    fact can never overcome faith

    —and when it does that’s only because the ‘faith’ wasn’t real …

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  6. The Bible? That it is holy and wonderful is all part of the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome. Everyone says it is, so it must be. Even the last refuge of the wavering believer — it is allegory — has to be changed, with a bit of thought, into ‘it is all gory’.

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    1. One has to seriously wonder how such people are able to completely ignore such heinous biblical passages and still claim Yahweh is a god of love.


      1. Ark … Ark … Ark! Surely you’ve figured out by now that people don’t ignore the heinous bible passages … they never read them! Most Christians focus all their attention on the New Testament and only reference the Old because their pastor/priest/leader has told them about the passages that (supposedly) “predict” Jesus.

        Probably the most education Christians get about the OT is through blogs by non-believers like yourself and others who point out the “nasty” stuff. But even then, they deny, deny, deny.

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          1. I don’t recall going to any bible studies. Most of my “learning” came from Sunday School and/or church sermons. My bible reading generally focused on the New Testament because it talked about Jeeezus, but I did like reading the Psalms and Proverbs. But as far as the stories that talked about the true nature of Yahweh? Nope. It wasn’t until I started researching for my book that I really got into the “meat” of the bible.

            There are probably some really, really devout Christians who actually read the bible (my now deceased ex-father-in-law was on of them), but I stand by my assertion that the majority of them focus on selected passages.

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  7. Love Letter?

    Dear Humanity,

    It is so lonely on my plane of existence, but I think of you often. I love you so much and want nothing more than to see you happy. But some humans I love more than others. In fact some I really hate and wish them murdered and raped. I’m not terribly particular about the order. Don’t cross me. You’ll be sorry. Even if I don’t make you suffer in this life, I’ll have you burn for eternity in the next one. Be fruitful and multiply.

    Your loving Father,

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