Wildlife photographer of the year competition.

In the world of wildlife photography this competition is somewhat akin to the Oscars.  There were more than 48,000 entries. Because of the hype surrounding the competition and the risk of someone spilling the beans, as it were, I only found out yesterday that my brother, Gerry was one of the finalists, and tonight at the awards ceremony in London he won 1st prize in the category,

Behaviour: Birds category winner with his image The incubator bird.

The Incubator bird is one of the few species of birds that builds a mound rather than a traditional nest and from what I can gather this is the first time  this behaviour has been so extensively photographed.

Gerry spent four months at the mound  following the trials of the parent while it waited until its chicks hatched.


What can I say. Well done Bro. Love you.





  1. A great photo, given the back claw was in motion at the time.

    A friend of mine told me the story that her mother had a Bush Turkey build a mound and attract a mate in the backyard of her Brisbane home.

    Coming from the Southern part of Australia I had never seen a Bush Turkey until I ventured to Northern NSW on a holiday with my mother and brother. My mother called out that there was a weird bird wanting to eat our lunch. We asked her what type of bird, she said we did not know, but it was ugly and very insistent. We then ran over and saw our first Bush Turkey.

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  2. Nice one!

    I have a cousin who does wildlife photography in Zambia and one of his photo’s featured a few years back, not as a winner but as a highly commended.

    It’s a great chest busting feeling when a family members gets recognition like that!


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