Stoned Cats


When I was  a teen I used to be in a  couple of  garage bands. The wife of the drummer in one of them made stone cats.

She would collect pebbles, large and small, and paint cats on them,  much like the ones above, and sell them to local craft shops around the county

The pebbles were sourced from one or two beaches in North Wales. She once gave me a large pebble which my parents still have. Memory being what it is I thought it was a cat, but have been reliably informed that it is (they still have it) a leveret ( a baby hare), and it, as it was when I lived at home, still used as a doorstop.

Life moves on and we lose track of people along the way, and so it was with Tony and Fiona.

I moved to South Africa and they disappeared from my radar. Not everyone is on Facebook!

One a trip back to the UK many moons ago the wife and I wandered into a small tourist type shop in Lower Bridge Street in Chester, and among a table of knickknacks and bits and bobs were these two small stone cats.

I was amazed and asked the shop owner if she had the contact details of the artist.

Unfortunately she didn’t, and I have never been able to trace Fiona.

But these two cats are a reminder of  her and how bad I played guitar!




  1. There would be a ready market for these Ark, so be careful what you say in public lest the devout have thee as guest of honour at a stoning party … classy rocks, man!

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