Oh for gods sake! The Insanity of it all.

What is a normal person, Ark? Certainly not you. You don’t believe in anything you can’t prove beyond a shred of doubt. That myopic narrow-minded view of the world is certainly not the norm.

I would not give up my faith for my family. Would you give up your atheism and embrace Christianity if your family made you make the choice?


Mel Wild



And this, in my view, is the definition of an abnormal person.

I dunno about you lot, but my family would never, ever ask such a thing of me.

Can you imagine the level of deceit and hypocrisy I would be displaying if I said , “Yeah, sure, I’ll become a Christian.”


Does  anyone reading this truly believe that my family (assuming they were Christian, of course) would honestly think I could be sincere about ”converting”  based on an Or else ultimatum?

But isn’t this exactly what Christianity is all about in any case? Worship me or burn in hell … forever!



28 thoughts on “Oh for gods sake! The Insanity of it all.

    1. Well, wasn’t the Council of Nicaea all about ironing out just what Jesus really was?
      Obviously Arias didn’t get the memo! And even though Constantine’s kid did, and Valens, too presumably, they thought it was a bit suspect as well.

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  1. I guess in return I’d ask Mel what is a normal person?

    Someone comes to my door. Their intention? To kill all the Christians in my home. I have a spouse and 4 children in my home. Are you a Christian!? I know if I say yes, they will kill me first and then likely them, or start with them and end with me. Do I do what I can to save their lives by responding with a “no” and maybe denying my Christianity or do I willingly fall on their sword and perpetuate the forthcoming slaughter of my spouse and the innocents?

    Is this abnormal?


  2. But isn’t this exactly what Christianity is all about in any case? “Worship me or burn in hell … forever!”

    Ark, you are missing the boat !! No pun intended !! I absolutely NEVER share my faith by telling people they are headed for an eternity in hell… While dying in one’s sins will leave one separated from God for an eternity…John 8:24)…

    Christianity is about the “good news” message of the cross, and that our sins can be forgiven by the shed blood of Jesus Christ…for those who come to the Lord with godly sorrow and a repentant heart… You know…obeyin the Gospel of Christ…

    While I am pretty sure these words won’t stay on you’re blog for very long…I keep praying that God will draw you or one of your sidekicks in…

    Have a great day !! bruce


    1. Bruce … you possibly may not. But that would make you a welcome exception.

      Someone told me a long time ago that ‘Hell’ isn’t a fearsome place of roasting fires and stuff, it’s merely being separated from God for all eternity (as quoted above, possibly from the same book). Both sound horrible, but I’ll wait for God or Jesus to come and convince me with a quick personal visit (not some preacher pounding his own flavour-of-the-week brand of ‘religion’).

      Until then I’ll remain agnostic—and the more I witness of The Omnipotent’s Creation the more atheistic I become.

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  3. One of the most idiotic aspects of religion is the idea that one can adopt a belief. Actually, you believe, or you don’t believe. Going through the motions is never going to mean belief is there. Only a complete conviction that it is all true can produce genuine belief. Thus, all the people who complain that their faith sometimes wavers are not real believers.

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  4. Hi Ark, sorry I am late to this post. I had a thought reading through the comments. The religions don’t want your faith, nor even a conversion. They really only want your money. IF you would just agree to pay them , tithe or collection plate or what not. It all comes down to getting the money. Hugs

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  5. So where do all of us crazy people report to, the library?

    …and “or else” ultimatums (by the sword or the gun) are so 19th century. My initial response to such an ultimatum would want to be “stick it where the sun ain’t shining” but to protect myself and my family I’d claim to believe in dope smoking unicorns with laser eyes that shit cotton candy. At least long enough to plan a getaway.

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      1. If you want to see something that will turn your stomach, check this out. One of many to come I’d guess. I commented but doubt it will show up.



        1. I read the first couple of paragraphs …. sighed and skipped to the last.
          Odd is it not, that one of the most religious country’s in the world is also one of the most violent?
          Or perhaps not so odd after all.

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        2. The article sure does play lose and free with the facts and truth. I tried to get beyond his clear bias and lopsidedness to simply check his facts. I gave up when the more I looked the more I found that was misleading or simply not correct. Hugs


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