Oh, for the gods’ sake! Will the real Jesus step forward please?


Looking at the god-man … again.

I am forever caught in a flux of belief/disbelief over the historical veracity of the character Jesus the Nazarene. I’m sorry, I can’t help it.

Already I can feel a disturbance in The Force as Tim O’Neill, who has visited my blog to offer his very erudite and vernacular-peppered contributions in a similar vein as an incontinent pigeon would behave, begins gagging over his intestine-shaped Cheerios at the mere hint of the phrase Jesus Myth. Yes, I have *faith that he hates the guts of all Jesus Mythers.

Uncle Bart doesn’t read my blog. He has his hands full fending off his publishing agent (lucky fella) who keeps nagging him to finally Come Out of the Closet and admit Jesus the Nazarene has less street-cred than Micky Mouse.

However, I think this subject always warrants a second look; and a third. In fact as many looks as it takes … or until I finally feel disinclined to venture into this quagmire.

Besides, it’s always fun contemplating the ‘Tim O’Neills’ of the world sitting there thinking up new and interesting expletives while reading along.

So what prompted this latest foray into the Is He –Isn’t He? world of Jesus, the Lake Tiberias Pedestrian?

Well, I came across a name I was unfamiliar with: Justus of Tiberias.

Justus lived at Tiberias; which seems reasonable otherwise the qualifier might have been Macedonia or similar.

Tiberias is just up the metaphorical road from Capernaum – 16.5 kms – where the character Jesus the Nazarene supposedly did some of his best work.

The point here is that Justus was a historian and was also a contemporary of Josephus. And while they were not exactly best buddies, apparently, Justus never once mentioned anything about Jesus the Nazarene. Nothing. Nada, Zip.


How can we explain, then, that the Jewish historian Justus of Tiberias, another contemporary and a closer fellow-countryman of the alleged historical Jesus he lived at Tiberias, not far from Capernaum, where Jesus is supposed to have been especially active is also silent about them? Justus wrote a chronicle of the Jewish kings down to the time of Agrippa II. The original work has been lost. We know it only from a reference in Photius, a patriarch of Constantinople of the ninth century. Photius assures us, however, that he read through the Chronicle of Justus in search of references to Jesus, and found none; he attributes it to “the disease”—that is to say, the unbelief—of the Jews that such a man as Justus does not mention the appearance of Christ, the fulfilment of the prophecies by him, and the miracles he wrought. As, however, we learn from Photius that the chronicle was merely a brief treatment of a subject that had no direct connection with the life of Jesus, we must not lay too much stress on the absence of any reference. Still the fact remains that Photius himself believed there ought to be some mention of Jesus, and was surprised to find none.


Definitive? No, of course not. Interesting? Certainly.

*Used the word faith just so’s we could all imagine JB jumping about in his PJs with their Golgotha Motif.





90 thoughts on “Oh, for the gods’ sake! Will the real Jesus step forward please?

  1. I, too, find this discussion fascinating, or rather, I find people’s reactions to it fascinating. As a *faith-filled non-believer, I find it rather irrelevant whether or not a Jewish apocalyptic preacher named Jesus ever lived. Whether such a person or persons did live, they most certainly were not the Jesus H. Christ, god-man, we find in the Babble. That character is a complete work of fiction in the same vein as Loki, Thor, Cinderella, and Darth Vader. Whether or not George Lucas based Darth Vader on an asshole boss he once had who went by that name is not relevant, to me anyway, of whether or not a true Sith Lord named Darth Vader actually lived. Darth Vader, from “Star Wars”, like the magical man, Jesus from the Babble, is fictional. Made up. Not real. Full of dew-dew, if you may. For non-believers in the made-up Jesus H. Christ to get so bent outta shape over whether a “real” Rabbi named Jesus lived and is the basis for the mythological Jesus is as baffling to me as battling over whether or not George Lucas based Darth Vader on a real dude. Not worth getting one’s panties bunched up into the crevice of one’s ass over. But, that’s just my *faith-filled opinion. $Amen$

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  2. Some will call it weak, Ark, on the grounds that they knew someone whose auntie lived over the back fence from next door but three from where JK Rowling was teaching once and had never heard of Harry Potter … so it could happen to any chronicler.


  3. The historians of the time whose works do still exist, at least in part, refer to many itinerant preachers who wandered Palestine. Some of these barely warranted mention, which makes one wonder why none of them mention The Real One (TM). It is almost as if … wait a minute … as if He didn’t want us to find out, so He could say “Well, I warned you … in person … but did you obey? Nooooo!” OMG, Zande is right!

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    1. This is another reason why the reference in Josephus comes across as simply nonsensical, even in its supposed core version.
      The same with Tacitus.
      And why did Philo mention nothing of him?

      And there are hundreds of such gems one only has to pull out and wonder.
      If he was a nobody how come he baptized 3000 people and no one said a damn thing and the Romans did not give a damn either?

      It just becomes sillier and sillier.

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      1. Exactly Ark! And then there’s that bombshell of 17-years of nothingness from everyone! It’s like… everything prior never happened or didn’t at all. LOL

        Not one single Xian-believer offers or can offer any plausible explanation for that one, nor any independent evidence of “his” whereabouts. At least the explanations offered are entertaining circus acts. 😉

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          1. LOL… how could I forget Ark. 😉

            What I find baffling is why Fundy-Xians don’t want to talk about the 17-years in any depth, in any implicit probabilities. Well… unless it’s because the bible has nothing substantial to say about those years either, other than wasting all those years(!?) by demeaning/demoting himself from Son of God/Messiah to a simple common carpenter… which is also a very debateable speculation from ONE gospel. The other gospels say nothing. Hmmm. 🤔

            But Ark, your point here about the severe LACK OF independent sources corroborating events around Yeshua/Jesus, IMO, paint a very clear picture about “veracity.”

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          2. Just read that during those 17 years JC became a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Bugle, married a gal named Lois Lane, fought a bad guy named Lex Luthor…wait! Shit! Never mind, I’m thinking of another comic book character who has a different name and a red and blue suit. Sorry, these fictional super-powered guys all blend together after awhile.

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          3. I always found it fascinating how “Christ-like” Superman is, i.e. sent by his father from a distant star to save humanity by performing amazing super feats, being that he was created by two Jewish teenagers from New York.

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          4. I reckon most neutral folk must look at this ”lack” and think: Hmm …. something rotten in the state of Denmark.

            Or to quote Life of Brian:
            ”He’s making it up as he goes along.”

            The irony of course, is that this lack of evidence is in direct proportion to the abundance of evidence.
            Including but not limited to:
            Fragments of the Genuine Original Holy Cross.
            The Genuine Shroud of Turin
            The Genuine Holy Grail
            Genuine Personal correspondence between Jesus and several noted dignitaries of the time.
            The Genuine tomb at Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’ which underwent a $4 million restoration six month ago.
            The Genuine Talipot tomb.
            The Genuine Tomb in Kashmir.
            The Genuine Family Ossuaries
            The Genuine actual house where Jesus (probably ) lived.
            And of course the Genuine Foreskin of the infant Jesus.

            ”Hi, my name is Eusebius… you can trust me. I’m a Christian!”
            Yes, those 17 years. I’ve never really given this too much thought to be perfectly honest.
            Maybe worth a few moments cogitation and perhaps a post can be cobbled together?

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          5. That’s an excellent idea Ark, if you have the time and interest. 🙂

            If I may offer another angle to it — one perhaps I’ve repeated a few times on my blog and on other blog-comments, but the whole problematic issue with these 17-years, IMO and a few other scholars, has to do with the Christian concept of “God Incarnate.” What does it mean, what is implied?

            In the highly complex mechanisms of Christian Trinitarianism by theologians and exegetical students, it basically means God on Earth in a chosen Man. That isn’t the difficult part for too many theists. What does it imply and why was it purported? I’ll give a VERY quick rundown…

            It implies/implied that God was working or redeeming humanity through Yeshua/Jesus — also hijacking Jewish Messianism. It means Jesus COULDN’T BE strictly a Man/human, which by the Fall is imperfect/sinful in many ways. He HAD to be more! How can we 3rd – 4th century CE Church Fathers make Yeshua/Jesus into a ‘pure from sin‘ pseudo-God or demi-God that sets him apart and way above a simple Man? Someone that will MAKE other imperfect humans bow down to him as well as make him a purest lamb-sacrifice to Almighty YAHWEY? Ahhh… invent the Holy Trinity! 😮

            Then the 3rd – 4th century Church Fathers had another problem. We can’t just suddenly say, “Here’s Yeshua/Jesus the Nasorean, he is God’s one and only Son!” No, intelligent Gentiles needed a lot more than just uncorroborated claims. Ahhh, they said, here are many Jewish Messianic prophecies telling Hebrews and everyone else of their Rescuer/Savior from Rome AND God’s wrath! As a result of this epiphany(?), the Church Fathers and biblical scribes/editors set about literally turning Yeshua/Jesus into this GARGANTUAN one-of-a-kind over 1,000+ years God-Man, comparable to no other. Hence, all the fantastic purported birth and nativity stories including a cosmic Quasar in the sky, the purported slaying of hundreds-thousands of innocent baby boys, and THEN the purported fulfillment of 10-300 Messianic prophesies, and finally impressing the wisest of the wise in the Temple by age 12! All to turn their Man into a person and event that will ROCK ALL OF HISTORY for all-time! Hahahahaha, but there’s another problem with that…

            Ummm, what can we make up about 17-years without drawing too much attention away from the God Incarnate part!? Ohhh, the webs we weave to cover OTHER webs weaved. LOL 😛

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          6. In fact Ark, if you want, I can write a complimentary post (linked with yours?) that covers in more detail this “Trinitarian-Messianic” scriptural dilemma/quagmire from inside the Christian POV that exposes Saul/Paul, the 2nd thru 4th century CE Church Fathers, the New Testament’s and Christianity’s poor handling and poor forethought incriminating the whole foundation of the religion. That is if you think it worth doing and a good idea. 🙂

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          7. LOL… seriously though? You’d be interested, have the time, and enjoy doing the connected complimentary follow-up post from the Secular outside POV?


          8. My mentioning of it in passing was primarily idle curiosity.
            I would not know where to start to put together such a post.
            JZ would likely be better equipped to do such research and you have demonstrated you have a far greater depth of knowledge – and personal experience – of this subject. Compared to you would my attempt would likely be a hack job.
            I doubt that my frail, sensitive soul (sic) could withstand the inevitable ridicule Branyan would heap upon me.

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          9. You are kind Ark, thank you. But I usually ride on the coat-tails of other far more exceptional scholars about these things. That said, I do seem to be in a small minority — vs. Xian believers, Xian apologists, Xian moderates, skeptics and Secularists — regarding the bombshell of the Missing Years in direct relation to the concept of Incarnation. Perhaps it is because many/most people don’t fully recognize how the 17-years greatly undermines (pulverizes?) everything between Jewish Messianism and Pauline-Hellenistic Christ-theology. One cannot stand without the other.

            John Zande is a good idea Ark. I’ll run it by him. 🙂

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        1. He was tucked away imbibing wisdom, ethics, morality and stuff at the Essene commune—have you never noticed that He was one of the original hippies?

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          1. JC’s missing years (response to earlier comment —> “… Professor Taboo September 21, 2017 at 17:23
            Exactly Ark! And then there’s that bombshell of 17-years of nothingness from everyone! It’s like… everything prior never happened or didn’t at all …”

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          2. Hahaha! Wow, I do find much pleasure and laughs with everyone’s creative narratives! 🤣 They are equally as good (better?) than the New Testament compilers and editors versions!

            Thanks Argus. 😉

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  4. The post reminds me of the joke where a man screamed to his friend, “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

    The friend responded, “If you want to see, just open you eyes!”

    The atheist attempt to wipe Jesus from history is the usual lie composed specifically for people who are essential really, really stupid.

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    1. Well you live true to your monacher. Your mind IS completely silent. Maybe there is an alarm clock in there waiting to go off. Hope springs eternal (unlike the afterlife which doesn’t exist).

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  5. Ahh… Ark, you have NAILED IT! BULLS-EYE my friend! This is EXACTLY what I try to explain to Fundy-Evangy Xians, like ChristianScience(?), SoM, ColoringShowers, Mel, CitizenTom, and all the others in those circles, as well as those I meet face-to-face and if lucky enough get MORE than just 30-mins to dialogue, have Q&A with, discussing the ONE (of many) aspects of Christendom…

    List all the 2nd-century CE INDEPENDENT corroborations for your Yeshua/Christ — the Nasorean — that you push as esoteric, exclusive, monistic truth.

    Independent = not Christian, not Judeo-Christian, not Roman-Christian; i.e. impartial.


  6. Golgotha? I had *faith the reference was of biblical proportions and my *faith was amply rewarded. Too damn funny a picture in my mind of JB in PJs with that motif. Thanks for that, Ark.

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  7. I sorta’ feel like the “voice crying in the wilderness” when I say (once again) that I tend to believe such a human existed. As to whether he was “divine” (or any of the other superlatives attributed to him)… no, I definitely don’t believe so. One needs to be familiar with the history of the Jewish people and their (almost desperate) desire for a Messiah to deliver them in order to understand why Yeshua gained a name for himself. That, and many other points of history and events that occurred during and after the time he was wandering the countryside.

    To identify Yeshua as “Jesus” the “Savior” of Christianity is to swallow whole the propaganda that was pushed during the years after his death … and is still being promoted today.

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    1. Obviously no one here (normal person) believes Jesus was divine. But what is at stake is this: Is the character reflected in the bible a real historical individual or was he concocted out of whole cloth?

      Justus is yet another one who never heard of him – or apparently any tales about a Super Messiah either.

      If you read the link I included and follow it through it gives some interesting insights to many things including an explanation why the reference to a son of Pantera by the Jews was very likely all bogus, simply a response to those pleading historical veracity.

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      1. “Is the character reflected in the bible a real historical individual or was he concocted out of whole cloth?”

        Again, my answer would be “No” … the character reflected in the bible did not exist. However, I do believe the MAN known as Yeshua did exist. For me, there is a difference. Perhaps not for you?

        The fact that he is or is not mentioned in early writings (as addressed in the link) would indicate, to me, the religious leanings of the individual writer.

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          1. Myths, legends, a need for a Messiah among the Jewish people, Paul’s wild (and apparently convincing) tale of a bright light that talked, numerous writers that followed up and added to Paul’s wild narrative, the early church “fathers” that promoted the idea that Yeshua was a real Special Guy … need I go on?

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          2. Perhaps we’re just not on the same wavelength … ?? Once again:

            I believe the man “Yeshua” existed. I believe he wandered the countryside and promoted how Yahweh was going to deliver the Jewish people from Roman oppression. As a result, many who heard his message believed him to be the promised mashiach and that he had come to deliver them (the oppressed Israelites). Unfortunately for them, Yeshua eventually died (perhaps on a cross, perhaps not).

            His followers were devastated. Nothing had changed. Their hoped-for “leader” was gone. Then Paul had his “vision” and began promoting the idea that Yeshua was really ALIVE (although invisible). And well, you know the rest of the story …

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          3. I do admit the bible stories play a role in my outlook. While I reject much of what’s presented within its pages, I do feel there is a certain amount of history that can be gleaned from it.

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          4. Fair enough. No probs. This is what I thought you meant, as we have traveled this path before, I’m sure?
            I probably just misunderstood and grabbed a stick and began beating about the Burning Bush.
            Hitchens ( bless him) also said he was comfortable with a real person behind all the pomp and nonsense.
            I just feel this view is changing as more and more snippets from the past float to the surface.
            And there are a great many scholars from the past who did not believe he was anything but a fabrication – we can go as far back as Celsus, and there were likely more, but so much material was destroyed by the church. Which might be another reason so little is ever mentioned?

            And as Prof has mentioned – ”The Missing Years.”
            I dunno, maybe Robert Price is right? If there is a person behind the myth he is so far removed that we will likely never find him.
            But then again, you never know … we just might!


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        1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall that Yahweh was/is merely one god out of a pantheon, one who happened(s) to be a terrible, ferocious, demanding, and unforgiving god (a god of war, so to speak). My understanding is that this why the very first commandment from this warm and cuddly trinitarian god-that-is-love willing to intervene in the affairs of men and side with the circumscribed ones was to lay down the law and demand that there be no other gods worshiped by his claimants. That primo-law was necessary, n’est pas, because other gods were competing for the same claimants.

          So to make the jump to the NT and assume the Jesus fellow was Yahwah Incorporated raises some serious theistic problems, which might explain why the Jews cannot grasp how so many foreigners supposedly equipped with thinking brains could be so ridiculously wrong about their God. But, hey, square pegs and round holes really aren’t compatible without a tremendous liberal ‘interpretation’ of source material as to make both unrecognizable.

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          1. Circumscribed? How did that get substituted in my previous comment? An act of a god – a trickster – no doubt. Clever bugger.

            No, my word was circumcised and I’m going to keep to that word whether Huehuecoyotl agrees or not..

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          2. tildeb,

            That was an excellent regurgitation or synopsis. What you’ve touched on, on your own, is the tip of the iceberg regarding mighty Imperial Rome and their pesky, annoying Syrian-Judean subjects the Jews and their Messiah. Unfortunately, when the REAL Jewish Reformers — and there were LOTS of them in that time & place! — were seeking acknowledgment and tolerance from the established Jewish sects, as inferred from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Rome sacks Jerusalem and essentially exterminates “The Way” (Judeo-Christian?) Movement. Que the Apostle Paul and his “newer reinterpretation” of the Movement.

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  8. If you can read this, it means I haven’t been banned yet! (Suck it Silence!)

    A Jewish historian didn’t mention Jesus! That’s quite shocking!
    Like my neighbor not including me in his family history!
    We are contemporaries! We live in the same neighborhood! Our kids played stickball together!
    You would think he’d at least mention my name when he’s chronicling totally unrelated events!


    1. John B, I think you just successfully and accurately minimized Yeshua’s/Jesus’ real impact on the world and on time, as in the Alpha-and-Omega. You are right, Jesus wasn’t the one and only “Son of God,” he was just a neighbor. Well done sir. 🙂

      P.S. “Suck it Silence!”??? Have you and SoM had a falling out as so MANY Christians do amongst themselves… creating 5,000 more denominations?

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      1. Thanks, Taboo!
        Of course, my success will be short lived and relevant only at this particular moment in time. Today’s truth is tomorrow’s myth. (I learned that from you!)
        History is fluid.
        Science is fluid.
        Reason and logic are relative.
        Nothing is absolute.

        P.S. Yes. Silence and I have formed our own denominations. He thinks Jesus had green eyes. I think Jesus had brown eyes. For this, we hate each other.


          1. HAH! I do tip my hat to a man that recognizes and embraces his place in the world and humanity. As I am also part of that family group, that human group, I raise my glass to that one JB. Hear hear. 😉


          2. Thanks again!
            Are you going to tell Ark your hypothesis that history is subject to change so it’s possible that Justus wrote about Jesus and we don’t know it yet? Or should we just let him be and celebrate this success?


          3. I will defer to Ark on those questions.

            However, I can correct your wording in the first question. It should read:

            Are you going to tell Ark that many history scholars hypothesize (with good reasoning) that history is subject to change using the widely accepted Historical Method so…” This is something like Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Yale, or Stanford Universities utilize.

            Worded that way I should think is not only more accurate, but probably in a vernacular he’d possibly be interested in answering, or maybe not. 😉


          4. Of course! The wording makes all the difference!

            You’re right. No reason to bring it up. History is already shifting to another truth anyway. In the future, the Historic Method will prove Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Yale and Stanford to be nonsense. The speed of light will change. The atomic weight of carbon will change. Nothing is certain…that’s for sure! 😉

            Boy, Christians are sure stupid aren’t they?


          5. Well, your imaginary juices are really flowing now JB. Don’t stop there; good laughable satire is typically good medicine; never take life too serious, you know. But I’ll leave you to all that dramatic high Nielsen-ratings FOX News stuff. Or here’s an idea… you should consider starting your own News hour or TNL show (Thursday Night Live). You are a professional comedian, right? 😉


          6. But we both know…

            LOL… don’t presume so much JB. If I can borrow your verbage, we both know things differently, we both view people, things, and life differently, and I’d wager — correct me if I’m wrong or a bit off mark — we have both been very differently educated and have vastly DIFFERENT life-experiences. That’s not necessarily a horrible thing, but it is only when one tries to “FORCE” or aggressively “COERCE” their paradigm or ideology onto others, right? Furthermore, I have no issues whatsoever living in an existence where, to quote you, “ANYTHING is possible!” I honestly love and embrace that condition! 😉

            Can you say the same thing about yourself, i.e. NOT having everything, ALL THINGS perfectly known and neatly sorted and compartmentalized (like some OCD person, to use the apropos analogy) at any given time in essentially a monistic or binary framework or template? I have a good idea what your answer will or should be… but I’ll let you answer. 😉


          7. I did not mean to be presumptuous.

            I was referring to your earlier statement that History isn’t settled. It can change and morph. I admit I am very closed minded about history. Binary if you prefer. I don’t think that some future scientist is going to look back and see a history where Germany won World War 2 or the continent of Asia is located at the north pole.

            You are welcome to FORCE or COERCE your ideology on me. I’m not going to crumble to pieces.


          8. JB, it isn’t so much that “History [may not be] settled…” It is a recognition that all human activity and human perception and human narration of events — e.g. the Old and New Testaments — are rightly subject to cumulative review and scrutiny. If something is infallibly true, then it should standup to the test of time & all testing to-date. Very much like some empirical Natural principles (not all of them) that YOU strongly adhere to and that are standing the test of time. However, the Old and New Testaments no longer standup to all the cumulative tests, examinations, and INDEPENDENT corroborations for veractiy. I think that is essentially where you and I differ in education, observable evidence, and life-experiences. “Faith” in something/someone — defined as something that is NOT observable by corroborating evidence, cumulative logic or consensus, or Exoteric knowing — is a mental state that I will gladly concede to anyone, for it is STRICTLY a personal individual belief… not applicable to Earth, all humans, or the Universe. If they will meet me there, then I have NO ISSUES with them at all. 🙂

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          9. @ JB.

            Are you going to tell Ark your hypothesis that history is subject to change so it’s possible that Justus wrote about Jesus and we don’t know it yet? Or should we just let him be and celebrate this success?

            Obviously you struggle if the post is not typed in metaphorical crayon , but I cannot have your lack in the forefront of my mind every time I write a post.
            Also, I can’t think of not using the epithet Dickhead for you if you continue to display the behaviour that warrants it.

            Don’t expect me to help you out all the time. Run your index finger under the sentence below and mouth the words.

            Definitive? No, of course not. Interesting? Certainly.

            When we put this data next to the ever -growing shit pile ( I might normally have used manure heap, but this is Christianity after all) of known forgeries , the plethora of
            interpolation, misinterpretation and outright lies, and known liars, the conclusion that we are dealing with a wholly (holy ?) manufactured god-man becomes ever-more likely.
            Of course, as you are one of the purveyors of such lies as much as you are one of the stalwarts who believe, getting a rank disingenuous halfwit such as you to even acknowledge there may be a problem with your thought processes is a mountain I am not prepared to bother to climb.
            Meantime, you are the perfect example for normal people to hold up in order to demonstrate what a genuine Dickhead is.


          10. Morning, Dickhead! Ah, yes. The Shakespeare trope.
            You must be struggling for ”larfs” if you are grovelling to me for attention.
            At least I inspired you to write something.
            The only thing that comes to mind when I think of you is taking a dump.

            Have a day.

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          1. Hah! Just wait until The End, you heathens! Then you’ll get a snoutful of enlightenment—just before being herded off to join all the nasty folks in the eternal (merciful, compassionate, forgiving) fires.

            I, The Lord thy Dog am a loving and forgiving Dog …

            (And Ark … banning SOMeone would remove some of your own points and illustrations from your blog~?)

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          2. I resent that ‘naive’ ~!

            Right, that’s it!

            A plague of frogs for you!

            I, The Lord thy Dog am a vengeful Dog … oh … you’re directing traffic my way? Us Lordly Dogs can be a bit slow sometimes … it’s all part of the Infinite Wisdom thing, you see—some stuff takes a while to filter through (I was busy with a worm that was turning in Indonesia, under some old rocks at Gunung Padang.

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