23 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: Layered.

  1. I have complemented your daughter before, but I am more amazed with every cake I see. The attention to detail, the spacial talent to know how best to get the right distances between things, the writing…it is all incredibly talented. I can not write that well with a good pen and paper, for goodness sake. Please let her know I think she is a grand artist. Hugs

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  2. Awfully pretty, Ark! I can just about achieve that thing you do that results in a lot of white peaks. Well, on a good day, anyway! In the main I’m far better kept well away from icing. Leave it to them that can is my motto πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


          1. When she was a teen she would occasionally slip her arm in mine if we were sent out shopping together by the wife.
            I once casually remarked that people would be looking at me green with envy. It took a second or two before the penny dropped and she snatched her hand away!
            The days of innocence were well and truly over from that moment!
            I guess I will now have to wait until I am doddering before she takes my arm again. *Sigh*.


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