Waiting: The Daily Post.

Niki Lauda and Alain Prost in their McLaren TAGs.

The final South African Grand Prix before the collapse of Apartheid and introduction of democracy.


Waiting for the lights to turn green.


1985 South African Grand Prix. 

Waiting: The Daily Post.


    • It’s obvious really … The Lord thy God is a vengeful God and Houston was on His list. Been on that list since before the dawn of time and nothing could ever save nobody never ‘cos not even God can stop what he’s set up as inevitable.

      So why do people gamble on the outcomes of horse races and Grand Prixes?
      ‘Cos people don’t know in advance and God is too bloody territorial to tell ’em. He’s a monopolistic wee fellow as well and is holding on to His power and privileges as long as He can. Knowledge is power, no? (Ark would have made a bundle had God told him sufficiently in advance the name of the winner …)


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