Giant Strelitzia

The Strelitzia nicolai, or more commonly know as the  giant white bird of paradise, or wild banana plant presumably arrived in our garden via a seed from a bird’s bottom, as we most certainly did not plant it.

These days it is almost as tall as the acacia tree it stands next to, and when it flowers is an impressive addition to our spot.

It is also a favorite of some of the birds and bees.

Southern Masked Weaver stops off for a drink of nectar.

An orb weaver’s nest … but no spider in sight.

The stems bifurcate leaving jagged edges as a new leaf  begins to emerge. A nod to Paula’s Thursday Special!

Eventually the flower emerges which, unlike its smaller relation, its leaves are white with a mauve /pinkish tinge at the base rather than orange.

Now pushing 5-6 metres in height.

Seed pod opens

Sap from the plant.








15 thoughts on “Giant Strelitzia

  1. Strangest thing … living where we do you’d think we’d be able to grow more than weeds (it would be nice to have flora like yours).
    But I’m brilliant at weeds … and we boost the rations of the local bird life (blackbirds, a thrush, a few ratty sparrows, white-eyes and a couple of starlings sometimes) until spring springs. Not much birds down here at all …


    1. NZ is a relatively small Island(s) and I suspect that much of the wildlife was introduced as well, and I also wouldn’t be surprised if the introduced fauna soon usurped the locals.


      1. Did too … the wild deer became so much of a problem that a bounty was placed on them and the gummint employed droves of committed hunters.


          1. No need for deer before the colonists – each other was a more interesting source of protein for the natives … (but shhhhhh! I’m not allowed to mention it).


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