A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation

A while back we were asked to make and deliver a cake to someone’s local golf club for their birthday.

And this was the cake …

All fore a good cause!



Pop over to nancy merrill‘s spot to see some more smashing examples of recreation.




7 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation

    1. There was a Rhodesian comedian called Rex Tarr who used to do a skit on golf based on the view of an African caddie trying to explain the game to his mate.
      ” You see, Enoch, you take a little white ball what is called a dammit. You put it on the ground and then hit it with a long stick and yell four. Never mind one, two three … just four. And this is golf.”

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      1. I’m sure I have a completely skewed opinion of the game. My father was a golfer and because of that I see it as a completely acceptable – even a socially elevated – form of doing absolutely nothing. Stupid damned game.
        But the cake was a winner!!! 🙂

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        1. My father also used to play golf. He stopped after his knees wouldn’t carry him eighteen holes. He is still a member of the Curzon Park Golf Club in Chester, but these days he bypasses the fairways and goes directly to the 19th hole.


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