Our first trip to Cape Town.

As we walked along the quayside at Hout Bay we noticed this half-submerged boat and it was only after he moved did we notice the diver.

The chap with the fleshing knife is cleaning fish that had just been landed mere moments before. We bought some Yellowtail.

Catherine hanging over the edge of the pond – ably gripped by her mum.

An excellent vantage point to look at the fish. Especially if you are only two and a bit!


Thanks to Paula over at Lost in Translation for the challenge.


          1. Aw shucks, CS. Come on, spit it out … ol’ Ark won’t bite.

            As for the sunken boat I imagine the insurers will probably put it down as an act of God …


          2. Damn (oops, darn) this international time zone kerfuffle. Keeps popping comments into the wrong places …

            As for cut-and-paste, I’ve seen pet goldfish like that and I’ve seen little girls like that and being restrained like that … so why should anyone cut and paste? C’mon, no need to be koi about it. I won’t bite either …


          3. Ask your idol friend ark why he erased my commentary and posted words I never said.

            Case in point? You ‘liked’ a comment i did not say. 😉


          4. @Colorstorm

            You want to comment on aspects of photography … no problems. Appreciate the input. Otherwise, keep it in your pants or for more relevant posts where you are more than welcome to write whatever you want.

            Behave like a nob on this post once more and I’ll ban you outright – and I have never done that to anyone.


          5. I brought up an excellent point, and you know it.

            Its otherworldly how you select what is fit for commentary, when your godless friends post poison day after day. It is you sir, who is the ultimate hypocrite.

            Go ahead and ban me. Your loss.

            This a photographic post. Your drivel is garbage at the best of times.
            I asked you not to fill the thread with your crap and said you are more than welcome to pollute any relevant post as you normally do.You have simply ignored my request.
            I cannot see the loss of an ignorant fool like you as any loss at all.
            So …t’ra You’re toast.

            If you are prepared to make an apology I might reconsider ….


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