Incy Wincy – For Roda.

This series of photographs was taken last March.

Strictly speaking it isn’t a web but rather a nest, constructed among the Jasmine against the garden shed – and full of babies, hence Mummy Rain Spider, who is normally quite docile is very protective, as you can see!

some idea

To give some idea of size … here is a juvenile I found in my office.

Pop over to Roda’s spot. She has several smashing photos of Spider Webs.

7 thoughts on “Incy Wincy – For Roda.

  1. Well I admit I wondered what happened. I thought by the size of the mother the “nest” would be a lot bigger. She still creeps me out. The one found in your office will keep me looking around my office for a while, especially if the cats stare at the corners or something. I know that other things eat baby spiders, maybe even other spiders eat baby spiders. Does the mother eat any of the millions of offspring pouring out from her nest? Hugs

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