Oh, for gods’ sake: Because it’s Sunday …

While science is very good at analyzing and testing observable data, it cannot help us transcend the natural world or answer the deeper existential questions that also must be answered. It cannot answer why science, and why there’s even such a thing as the natural world. These are philosophical questions.


It is a bold claim indeed to state that religion answers the questions science cannot. And in this particular case we are talking about Christianity.

Must be answered? Really?

I for one have no real interest in the why aspect of such existential questions, but rather the how?

I do not sit and contemplate my dinner and wonder: Oh, why do I love mashed potato and carrots so much?

Neither do I pause mid-embrace to wonder why it feels so good when my wife kisses me or one of the children hugs me.

Or why I laugh when Bobbi cocks her head when I use the  term “Walkies!” anywhere within hearing range.

Neither do I fall into a numbing  funk because against all things normal I  enjoy listening to AC/DC and the Sex Pistols.

So it is a little baffling how any Christian can make such an arrogant  claim when the source they rely on, the bible is corrupt?

Are they completely unaware of how blatantly fallacious such a claim is and one that every  adherent of every other religion will likely claim as well?

Ultimately, such a claim has no legs whatsoever and until they can face the truth that their source is so obviously and damnably flawed they have no argument either.

However, it does tend to add credence to the term Liars for Jesus.





  1. “However, it does tend to add credence to the term Liars for Jesus.”

    I’m not sure they are all knowingly liars but instead indoctrinated into believing what they say is truth. The “Liars” are many of those doing the indoctrinating. The ones who know better but continue the “ruse” for power or personal gain.

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      • Surprise, surprise! I like almost all music…it all depends on my mood! Started as a music major in school. Ended up with a minor. My twin brother always had AC/DC or Hendricks blasting from his room. I learned an appreciation early on.

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          • My oldest son is passionate about music and loves classic rock. You should have seen his face when I entered his room and could sing along to the Big Balls lyrics! It was priceless!

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          • It is frustrating to me as a parent and educator when I hear parents say, ” I wont let my child listen to ——“. Yet, the things they will allow them to watch on tv.

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          • Know this mentality all too well Roda, as an educator myself in Texas. 😦 Many families here can’t seem to grasp the concept of quality higher education beginning with…

            Teach them HOW to think, not what to think.

            One of my all-time favorite films toward this profound concept? …

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          • Ha! I told my kids that needs to be our family theme song. My oldest is 12 and has played electric guitar for years. He loves Guns n Roses, Oz, ACDC and Iron Maiden. He just started lessons with a new instructor. He was thrilled when the guy talked about Randy Rhodes’ strumming techniques.

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          • I’d like to introduce him to Phil Keaggy. However, all I can think about with that guy is his contemporary Christian music. I know Hendrix said he was the best guitarist, but still.

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          • It is claimed Hendrix said the same thing about Rory Gallagher.
            I am wary of such claims.
            There are some truly marvelous musicians out there.
            I’ve always felt it a good idea to listen to a broad selection of top players and even musicians of other instruments.
            Astor Piazolla, Armstrong, Parker, Chick Corea, Miles Davies etc,

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          • I know, I’ve wondered if it was valid. I just can’t see a world class guitarist playing contemporary Christian music. The only artist that could ever make a Jesus song sound cool was the one and only Johnny Cash.

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          • ………………but Phil Keaggy is the only one in the bunch that actually used his God given brain for the purpose in which it was intended.

            His music stands alone and has no equal.


          • Absolutely! And I can’t stand it when I hear parents criticize their children’s music. “They don’t make music like they used to!” I wonder if they understand that attitude puts up a wall between them and their kids. I like some of today’s music…Frank Ocean, 21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons and Beyonce are all pretty good. There’s a lot of good music out there. Quite frankly, Beyonce reminds me of what Whitney Houston could have been. However, Houston’s gospel singing mother did all she could to keep Whitney as a one dimensional pop/r & b princess. Houston had amazing funk, rock and disco qualities. She was glorious whenever she dabbled in any of those genres.

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  2. The problem that writer has is not only the unsupported claim that science cannot answer Why questions, obviously wrong and arrogant and stupid since science answers and is continuing to investigate Why question of reality… all…the…time, but the writer also falsely assumes, asserts and just tells us all to blindly accept that religion, not just ANY religion, but his religion Christianity CAN and DOES answer the Why questions of reality.
    Bull shit. Christianity gives ‘answers’ that are more assertions and authoritarian in nature than real and truthful and demonstrable in reality.

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      • Yup, there is a huge element of dishonesty and unspoken understanding that the ‘answers’ are really just Faith based assertions in ALL apologetics. They know its bs, but they have to stick to the script anyways, or run the Pascalian Gamble of getting tortured for eternity.
        Oh what a tangled web we weave… how much more difficult it is to maintain the fantasy that simply embrace Reality and The Recovery.

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  3. And without God, life has no meaning! Uh, wait a minute … who said life had to have a meaning? Tell that to the prey animals being stalked by carnivores, or to the insects. Oh, wait, you mean only human’s lives have meaning? Tell that to starving children or people riddled with leprosy or debilitating mental diseases or those in comas.

    People invent amazingly unanswerable questions and then insist there must be answers. Funny people, funny humans (eat, survive, reproduce; eat, survive, reproduce; …).

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  4. When I read that opening quote I thought to myself, “What a ridiculous statement to make!” That logic applies to everyone on any subject — along the lines of ‘we cannot answer exactly what infinity amounts too.’ I thought the quote was from a respected, renown Doctor of philosophy or science or something. Curious about the context of the claim I Googled the quote and low-n-behold… it is from Mel. Hahahaha! Ahhh, now THAT makes more sense to me. 😉 😛

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      • Cowards? Can’t argue that based on the responses I’m getting from both Patrick and InsanityBytes over there.

        I left IB another comment on her About page too, regarding “biology,” but went MUCH further with it into the hardcore REAL statistics of her “biology” regarding intersex births and the endless biodiversity & ecodiversity this planet, we humans, and this Cosmos-Universe-Multiverse presents daily… if one just LOOKS! She hasn’t bothered to respond. 😛

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        • Oh, I consider they are are quite cowardly.

          Mel, for example, refuses to address the corrupt nature of the bible.
          IB claims she had no trauma that caused her to convert yet her Testimony pages tell a vastly different story. And of course she selectively moderates and admits it.
          Patrick throws out his statement and then says he has no wish to argue theology.
          That way he can leave his participle dangling.
          Wally refuses to address his Terrible Lizard fetish with the Allosaurus and the fun role they played cavorting with humans over the Savannah….
          And they all seem to exhibit similar behavior when confronted over their god beliefs.
          Yes, I think we can say there is a fair amount of cowardice going on here.

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  5. Why?

    That’s easy to answer: because under the outrageous pressure and heat inside the core of the very first stars, the cloud of virtual particles holding in-place quark-antiquark pairs (travelling at near-light speed inside a gluon-generated electrical storm swirling inside a nuclei) began to splinter and decay, and while briefly disguised as something new, hydrogen-2 (deuterium) and hydrogen-3 (tritium) fused into a helium-4 atom.

    And with that, this adventure began.

    We are all hydrogen’s diaspora.

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    • Or as Carl Sagan said we are all made of Star Stuff.

      Now if we were ‘created’ why would ‘God; need to go through intermediate stages such as Supernova’s to create heavy elements? The actual universe implies that intelligent life was an incidental by-product and certainly not the central purpose of the universe.

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      • This universe is, in fact, far better designed for the production of black holes than life-capable planets.

        Now, if the intention was black hole production, then great, job well done, Sir!


  6. Well religion does offer answers to some questions that people have, however there are two factors worth bearing in mind here:
    – the answers offered by religion are highly likely to be incorrect and thus may be worse than worthless, that is positively harmful; and
    – there are many areas where religion is unable to provide definitive ‘answers’, just look at the internal Christian debates about what is necessary for ‘salvation’.

    Given where we able to objectively test the reliability of the Bible it has been found wanting then we should hardly have any confidence that it provides insight in areas that we presently can’t test.

    What is the biggest joke of all is the apologists that claim the Bible is without error, contradiction or inconsistency.

    If the Bible is so clear and perfect then why have Christians argued so much among themselves in regard to doctrine? The answer is that there are contradictory passages in the Bible that cannot be reconciled, so the theologians explain them as ‘areas of tension’ or ‘Holy mysteries’.

    So they turn a liability into an asset by saying that the ‘Holy Mystery’ is beyond our limited human understanding and is proof that the Bible comes from ‘God’ as limited humans making it up would have eliminated such difficulties.

    As an example:

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    • Outstanding comment and summary Peter! BRAVO!

      And I would humbly add my two-cents to this regarding the GROSS misunderstanding (then hijacking) of original, pure Jewish Messianism for a Greco-Romanized Christ…to the Gentiles/world — a VERY Roman imperialistic mantra for sure. The confusion then of exactly WHAT the Messiah was according to correct Jewish traditions — that Constantinian-Pauline Christianity steals for their own — is STILL hotly debated today and is not a completely unified Christian consensus! Christian apologists cannot make the Gnostics and their testaments/gospels go away. Their own earliest Church Fathers talk about them (Apostates, heretics, etc.) too much in their memoirs.

      Why Christians today won’t examine these major problems with some sort of impartiality is beyond my comprehension. In the psych/A&D field we call that delusional and it IS more prevalent than most realize.

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      • Professor when I studied Christian history I was intrigued by the ‘heretic’ Arius. After reading some of the arguments of Arius I started to realise that his arguments had considerable weight and indeed could be argued to be a better interpretation of the Biblical text than what ended up being orthodox Christianity.

        What pained me was noting that Arian churches persisted for many centuries after the events of Nicea and I used to wonder if the ‘heretics’ were saved or not. I pondered why ‘God’ would make the Bible so unclear in this area.

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  7. I am very interested in existential questions; but, I neither look to religion for answers nor do I expect such answers to be scientifically discovered any time soon. One does not need to believe in god(s) to be fascinated with our cosmological origins nor to explore metaphysical concepts. The great ruse of religion is its claim of exclusivity on these issues.

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        • In terms of gods, no, not really, as we have not been presented any evidence for their existence.
          Thus, there seems little point in pondering on such questions, if one does not believe in gods. In fact, even if one does believe in gods there are no answers for these questions other than the answers once inserts oneself, which, in a supposed revelatory religion such as Christianity defeats the object of the exercise.

          The claim was: religion answers the questions science does not. This is a fallacious statement.

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          • The claim is not at all fallacious; it is closed thinking to assume otherwise. Science and evidence to not provide answers. Some form of god figure might. Therefore pondering on such questions is the sign of a healthy and inquisitive mind.
            The evidence for a form of progress, cycle, intention or plan in in everything that exists.


          • Then how would you respond to the fact that throughout the entirely of human existence no god figure, to use your words, has ever provided as much as a peep regarding these questions science supposedly cannot answer?

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          • Millions of very intelligent people claim there has been, and that the answers lie in all that there is. More like a deafening shout than a peep, unless ears are deliberately plugged in exactly the same way as ‘true believers’ plug theirs to common sense.


          • After weeding out the liars and the insane, some have heard SOMETHING. If it is a common hallucination, then the question arises as to how and why it occurs. If not hallucination, even more questions arise.


          • John Zande admits when he was stuck on a mountain almost freezing to death …. literally, he heard a voice that basically told him to wake up and get his arse into gear.
            Ask him. He swears it was as real as anything and as clear as a bell.
            Then ask him if he thought it was ”God”… I dare you! 🙂


          • Well, whether he likes it or not that is one of the possibilities he has to consider in the absence of any certain explanation. As well as the Spirit of the Mountain, or Bigfoot, or a deceased ancestor/relation.

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          • Colonialist, claims neither constitute facts nor are they always made honestly. I support your argument in favor of metaphysical open-mindedness; but, I reject your assertion that such cognitive exploration has discovered any conclusive answers. Our cosmological origins remain the great unknown, and all claims to the contrary are the epitome of closed-mindedness.


          • Answers; not conclusive ones. Theories abound which may well fit the facts but have to be proven. Many, in fact, verge on science. These do not include the childish views of conventional religion which are manifestly absurd. Most hinge on whether existence happens simply because it happens, or has purpose. Immediate purposes are easy to prove; however whether towards a further all-encompassing purpose is one of the more difficult key questions. Also, one of the prime sets of blinkers in metaphysical thinking is to do the questioning from a human perspective. It is the height of hubris to think that in all vast existence human beings are any more than a minute speck in importance.

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