Leading you up the garden path. Five minutes stroll.

Jasmine softens the sharpest of  thorns.

Sun dried lawn and sun baked dogs.

You just have to love blue legs! Cape White Eye.

The Century Cactus 

For Jude.

One of several on the property … all now at the bottom part of the garden. This one almost made it impossible to walk comfortably along the path so I dug it out and transplanted it. Its thorns are very sharp.

Pied Flycatcher on its favorite garden perch – the Coral Tree.

This is a self seeding bush … shrub that grows around two metres or more tall. Once summer is fully upon us it is bedecked is a glorious spray of yellow flowers.  But what is special about this plant is once the flowers have died and it is ready to shed its seeds the pods swell and burst with a popping sound as it showers the surrounding area with seeds.

This is the first bloom of the white/mauve wisteria that grows down the driveway. In a month or two it will have almost smothered many of the queen of the night cacti that run the length of the east side of the driveway that leads to the street.







  1. The blue legs are fetching. I am looking at buying a new truck and the blue is very close to the bird’s blue legs. I did a double take on the century catus. I thought it was a mother-in-law plant, sometimes called snakes tongue. But I looked them up, and those don’t have the thorns the cactus has. When did you develop your clear love of plants and animals? You take such joy from the different birds and insects that come to your spot, and you don’t mind the growing plants that try to mess up your designs. It does show a clear love of flora and fauna. The Dogs are so at ease in the sun, it must feel good on their bones and skin. Hugs

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    • I did not realise you had a Boxer . Marvelous!
      And boxer pups are the absolute best, aren’t they?
      It’s true, boxer farts are a thing unto themselves. If we could bottle them maybe they could be used as a chemical weapon!

      However, come to think of it, Bobbi is quite the lady in this respect and I don’t honestly recall her ponging, which is in sharp contrast to every other boxer we’ve had. Including the two I had growing up.

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      • I grew up with a Cocker Spaniel and a St. Bernard. My husband grew up with Boxers. Ruby the wonder pup is our second boxer – smart as a whip and dumb as a post, go figure. She refuses to fetch a ball, preferring a game of keep away but whenever she feels cheeky my command to “get your ball” often results in her running ball in mouth to an open window, dropping it outside, then sitting patiently by the window while I fetch it from the garden – you know where this is going! I throw, she drops it out the window again, repeat, repeat, repeat. Holy crap! She plays fetch with me!!!

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        • Bobbi has a habit of ”losing ” every tennis we get for her,and goodness knows where they go? But sometimes when asked to: ”Find your ball” she will go and sit between the flower pots around the pond and on inspection the ball is often there, floating. Or she drops it over the edge of the property to the lower tier which usually involves a long handled broom and a lot of grunting and stretching!
          But like you with Ruby, I often wonder for whose benefit all this ”playing” is really for?

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          • I’m fairly certain my house floats on a bed of tennis balls. My husband’s office is downstairs, Ruby knows she isn’t supposed to go there, so what’s a poor dog to do? Throw balls down the stairs obviously. It’s hysterical and like clockwork, I come home from work, head down to say I’m home, within seconds we hear a ball bouncing down the stairs. Oh Ruby. 🙂

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