Moon shadow


Partial Eclipse of the Moon this evening. These were taken from around 20:50  to 21:20

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    • It was a treat!
      Blogpal, Notestoponder over in Canada alerted me to an upcoming Solar Eclipse on the 27th of this month so I Googled to see if we could view it down here and by chance I saw the Lunar eclipse was today!
      What a bonus.
      And this little Sony Cyber shot is an absolute treat with the electronic zoom.

      And that lemon chutney is addictive… you were right!

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        • It’s a lie, I tell you!
          Besides, you can’t trust someone whose house number (42) is the same number as my favorite Chinese meal at the takeaway next to the Last pub in England. Or, the First Pub in Wales depending on which direction you approach it from.

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          • Yes … it is that too. Though I only read Adams years and years later. And it was a source of great amusement to make the connection between the two once I had read Hitchhiker’s guide, and say it aloud in a faux Chinese accent. It was chow mein in one of those foil dishes with an egg on top and a side order of chips. Just the thing after a few pints of lager.
            Probably why they listed the meals as numbers. Easier to remember.
            Bloody hooligans!
            My mother used to think I had hollow legs.
            ”But you had a large dinner not four hours ago!”

            It was just one of the things you did back then.

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          • Indeed there is.
            I have been pondering on such thoughts this morning after coming across a Youtube video of a Stones concert in Brussels in 1973, the European tour I saw them. What a jolt!
            I may do a post on all this then-ness.
            I am not so sure how much of it is actually good for one?

            Bobbi is chewing my ankle. I have a sneaking suspicion she is trying to tell me it’s lunch time.

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          • Yep. Not too sure about the nostalgia trip myself. Have been going in for quite a bit of it lately. My excuse is it sort of provides the context for my fiction. Either that or it completely diverts one from getting on with the writing.
            Nice to have a good dog gnawing one’s ankle. I miss having one, but our road is a nightmare, and garden is not very big for a dog.
            Am keeping an ear out for Zuma vote.


          • Vote of no confidence – large demos outside parliament both for and against…opinion that either way Zumo’s goose may be cooked, cos he’s brought the ANC into so much disrepute…

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      • I was a big Cat Steven’s fan back in the early days. But being a Christian in those days It caused me great distress when he became a Muslim, I struggled to listen to his music after that for many years. It is only after my deconversion that I could get past that.

        I also struggled with the lyric on one of the songs from Tea for the Tillerman, ‘the Longer Boats’
        “Mary dropped her pants by the sand and the Parson came and took her hand, but the Lord and nobody knows where the Parson goes”
        This was of course many years before the widespread publicity about clergy behaving badly.


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